Under the Berkeley Skies-Day 35: Well, I guess not.

Note: Hello my beautiful people, this is a delayed post, this is a post for Friday, May 23, 2014. Sorry for the delay but here it is. 

Happy Friday folks!

I’m not expecting to get many hits this weekend, on account of how it’s the long weekend and all, and most of you party people are already out and about doing your thing. While I,as the good girl that I am, sit here, in my pajamas, drinking some hot chamomile tea , as she types away to the beautiful sounds of Johann Pachelbel and his “Canon And Gigue in D major” plays in the background. What a thrilling life I do lead! I’m a wild one! I know it may sound pretty lame, but honestly it’s pretty relaxing. To be honest with you at this point I’m not really sure who I’m trying to convince about my lame Friday night. Am I trying to convince you or myself at this point? Meh!

On the real, I’m really tired. Yesterday, and even this morning I had something totally different planned for today. My evening was going to look something like this:  Run after work, do some core work as soon as I got home, jump in the shower. Now this is where it gets tricky. At this point I was going to decide if I was ballsy enough to make the drive out to San Jose on my own. My friend Tiffany, tagged me in an Instagram post for Seeing Things Gallery in San Jose, they are having a Morrissey Group Show today. See in case I failed to mention this earlier, I love Morrissey. I mean I really, really do love his music. It’s a tie between Elvis and Morrissey for me, can you say swoon!

Hmmm, I’m really not as bad as some folks. I’ve met a few fans that have tattooed something Morrissey related or the hooligan himself tattooed on some body part. Hey, to each it’s own, but not my thing. I actually recently went to San Jose to see…well…Morrissey. It had been two years since I last saw him, and I was hoping for the same experience. Nope, didn’t happen. Those that know him, know he’s “special” which I really don’t mind. I love his music and you have to be “special” to come up with some of those lyrics. But this time around he was off, totally different energy from the last time I saw him. He wasn’t really engaging with the audience, he would turn around and face his drummer during the guitar solo’s, and most importantly he didn’t do a wardrobe change or worse yet he didn’t take off his shirt like he did in San Diego. It was great to hear him sing the music, but it wasn’t a great show. I’m being honest here. I’m sure he getting bum rushed off  stage mid encore didn’t help any either, but you could have done better Morrissey. I still love you, but I know you could have done better.


Okay back to my plans, so I was either going to go to San Jose or check out Jose Antonio Vargas’ film “Documented.”  I was going to do something, I was going to take myself out on a date. Well, at about 3 pm it just all went down hill. For some reason or another I just started feeling really tired, I could barely keep my eyes open. My thermos was dry and I was too lazy to brew a pot.

As if feeling extremely sleepy was not bad enough, I had to finish a project I was working on to make sure the communications piece went out early Tuesday morning as people are logging in to their computers after boozing it up this weekend. Not judging, I speak from experience.

By 5:30 I knew running was not going to happen, but I wanted to make sure I was doing the right thing, so I dialed a friend. I text Theresa and asked her as my workout buddy what she thought I should do, she replied with “Go home, eat, sleep” I replied with “I love you!” Since, I’m a good girl that always does what she’s told, that’s exactly what I did.

Left the office after 6 pm, and got home in 20 minutes! God no! We all know that when we are in a hurry to get home because we have a full bladder or are on the verge of a meltdown on account of how extremely exhausted you are, the Universe likes to mess with you. It took me over an hour to get home, I was on the freeway for about 20 minutes before I got off and took the streets. Yup, an hour on the streets; needless, to say that I even took some side streets as to avoid the main roads. By the time I got home I was cranky, hungry, sleepy, and my bladder was about to burst. Going anywhere was definitely out of the question.

Which I’m okay with, since I have to wake up early tomorrow. I have to be at my friends house at 9 am! Damn, I was hoping to sleep in some, but I guess we are going to wake the lake up and help it get ready for its visitors. It’s moments like these I really do wish I could sleep in a car, but I can’t. For some twisted reason I can’t sleep in any mode of transportation. Sucks big time!  I totally envy those of you that can just hop in a car and clonk out. My mother is one of those, as soon as I start driving, her head starts assimilating those little dog bobble heads that people put on the dashboards, I mean, this lady can just knock out for hours. Jealous.

But I’m sure I’ll rest up at the lake, maybe take a nap there or something. Really looking forward to it. My friend is really excited I’m going, she asked me again today if I was really going. She even asked what I wanted to drink: beer, wine, liquor, I was able to say “no thank you, not drinking” I got to go until June 10th. I’m sure I can hang. I know I can.

So the plan for tomorrow, is get up insanely early try to get a run in before I go. I have to make up today’s miss. I’m not 100% committed to this idea, but I’m going to try. It will help my legs look better, what? Come on you know guys do a few reps before they go out to make sure their ‘guns’ look good. I’m doing the same.

Not that much happening today, sorry for the lame post.

Author: monilazo

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2 thoughts

  1. Thanks for the post. Not lame at all! I look forward to watching Documented. If you didn’t know, I’m a big documentary (really all film) buff. So you like Morrissey huh? I never would have guessed. I hope I get to see him sometime in concert. Speaking of music, I think you and I should form a band together. Like the White Stripes, or Dresden Dolls. I can’t play any instruments or sing, but there is always a way. What made me come up with this ridiculously cool plan? I thought of a great name for our band: Pomp and Circumstance! Awesome huh!?
    Okay, now back to watching Mad Men…

    Yours truly – Circumstance


    1. You’re insane, not sure how you not singing or playing an instrument would work out-I can’t do either. So let me know when you figure that out. Really? You didn’t know I was a Moz fan? I wear his shirts and I’m usually posting something Elvis or Moz related on FB. Oh and I’m assuming I’m Pomp? You can’t mess with the Pomp…haha.
      Thanks for the support!


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