For The Love of Reading

The contents of someone’s bookcase are a part of their history, like an ancestral portrait.”

-Anatole broyard

Any book nerds in the room? *smiles as hand is raised proudly high* Yes, I am a book nerd and if you are too, this section is for you.

I love books.

I love reading books.

I love shopping books.

I love reading about books.

I love writing about books.

I love collecting books.

I love talking about books.

I love gifting books.

Books are a part of me. Books have helped me find my way out of the darkness. Books have helped me escape. Books have helped quiet my mind. Books have brought me solace. Books just make me happy.

Since, I was a kid my dream was to have an entire room full of books. I’m not quite there yet, I only have two bookcases full of books. So, I still need a lot to go. But knowing me, I will get there.

My collection has everything you can think of: Textbooks, novels of every genre, spiritual, self-help, non-fiction, fiction, environmental, poetry, writing, you name it. I did acquire an an English Degree, so that started and varied my collection quite a bit. But as you will see in my book list, I read whatever jumps out at me.

I decided to start my own book list back in 2019, I was inspired by Obama’s list. Naturally, why not? I might not be as cool as Obama but I would like to believe that my taste in reading will be of your liking. Don’t judge a book by its cover, some books might not look like much on the outside but those might turn out to be the ones you read cover to cover in one sitting. So, grab a nice glass of vino, coffee, or tea and enjoy the ride.

I also support Independent Bookstores. Which means, that I’m trying to stay clear from Amazon and other big chains. I try to support local, POC, and Indie authors as much as possible. My two new favorite shops are Skylight Books here in LA, Book Soup also in LA, and where I’m an affiliate. What does this mean? That I’ll get a small percentage of whatever book you purchase.

I seriously do hope to hear from some of you folx. Did you read any of these? What did you think? Have any recommendations? I also like reading books in Spanish, so those might also pop up on my book lists.

Happy Reading!