Voz means voice in Spanish and that’s what you will hear in every single post. My voice. My opinions. My honesty. My anger, sadness, and fears. My take on things, you might not agree with everything but that’s okay, tell me why you don’t agree or start your own blog to tell the world why YOU know better (should be read “why you THINK you know better”).

We all have a Voice, it took me while to find mine. However, even after finding it I wasn’t sure what to do with it. You are so use to being quiet, sometimes out of habit other times out of fear. Plus, let’s face it being quiet is easier than actually being heard. You are invisible when you are quiet, but when you finally say something, people look at you.

Oh damn. People not only hear you, but they see you. Now here’s the vital part, people will keep listening if what you say is honest. Are you speaking YOUR truth? People will know, people listen when you do. Well, those that want the truth. Those that don’t, will try to shut you down, they simply can’t handle the truth. Your voice, your truth is like a mirror reflecting the ugly they have in their hearts. They can’t handle your voice, but it’s okay…those that heard you the first time, will stand by you until you speak your very last word.

It’s amazing what one’s voice does to others, but most importantly what it does to your Soul once you’ve found it. There’s no walking away from it, you can try to hide from it. But if your voice is anything like mine, it will wake you up in the middle of the night demanding to be let out.

Luckily for you, that’s what you will find in this blog -my Voz.

My Voz will cover:

  • Current Events, which really should be titled Politics. Why? Because I really love Politics and everything that goes with it. I will discuss policy, immigration, social justice, human rights, environmental justice, etc.
  • Reviews, this will include books, movies, plays, articles, etc.
  • Articles, from time to time I will share interesting articles that I come across and I believe are worth sharing.