Under the Berkeley Skies-Day 34: Plans, Plans, and Pedicures!

Hello sexy people, I must say I’m pretty darn tired today. Hope your day was better and for those that went out celebrating Thirsty Thursday, hope you had one for me! Still doing the no drinking thing. So far so good, best part, I haven’t had the need to hide any bodies. I think I’m going to be able to do this. Ha!

Today was a good day, I spoiled myself a little. I abide by the philosophy of “there’s nothing wrong with treating yourself to something special every now and then,”  so today was

Summer time!
Summer time!

now. It wasn’t planned but it somehow happened. When I went out on my run  this afternoon, and as I looked on to the incline in front of me, I realized I had to make an important decision: Should I do laundry or get a pedicure after my run. I know, a hard one. But I did what any overworked woman would do: I got’s my toes did.  I even went for a nice Summer color for both my toes and hands, which is something new to me. I usually just do the basics, red for hands or earth tones and tips for toes. But this time I I went crazy.

I had told myself I wasn’t going to get Gel anymore but it’s addicting. Okay, not really but when you have tiny hands you fall in love with anything that makes your hands look grown-up and feminine. Gel does do a number on my nails, but regular polish does not make it through the night. Weird I know but its me, I’ve come to expect weird.

Okay, why am I bringing up a mani and pedi outing? I mean I have before, but this time there’s a reason. It was amazing! No, let’s try that again A-mazing! I was totally blissed out when I left that place. Yes, blissed out! They did some major massaging on my legs and feet, after a run you know this felt like heaven; however, that’s not the best part. Ladies, you know when you get a manicure, they’ll do a hand massage and if you’re lucky their include your forearm? But this went beyond that. She did my entire arm, including my shoulders and neck area. Yes, I pretty much received a massage at the nail place. It felt so darn good, it made me realize that I’m long overdue for a full body massage. I will be adding that to my calendar very soon. If in the East Bay check out Versailles Nail Spa, highly recommended! Tell them I sent you, they’ll have no clue who I am but you’ll get the ball rolling on my celebrity status.

That mini massage was just what I needed, because I was about to go (lawd I cringe just to think about it) bathing suit shopping (enter doomsday music here). I was invited to the lake by a friend (I don’t know which one, it’s somewhere by Livermore- I think) with her family and a group of friends. At first I wasn’t sure about going, because I only know her and her son, and he’s 2 so he doesn’t really count. Not saying that in a bad way, but at 2 kids would rather hug a cactus than sit and hang out with an adult they’ve seen once or twice in their short life. But I decided I would go, it’s the long weekend why stay in?

Moving on, I decided I needed to get a new bathing suit. The one I had is extremely old and well pretty much falling apart. By old I mean, I bought it when I was still living in El Salvador. I was about 16 or 17. I know, I know, but unlike the movie I have a hard time letting go. I still can’t believe I took it with me to Costa Rica; furthermore, surprised nobody made fun of me. The intention was to buy one, but I took a look in the swimwear department and saw a bunch of two pieces and I kept it moving. Yup, that’s how I roll!

My old bathing suit, hanging tough in beautiful Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica.
My old bathing suit, hanging tough in beautiful Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica.

This time I was prepared, I convinced or begged Theresa to go with me. I think I was so desperate that at one point in our text conversation I tried to bribe her with candy. I needed her there for moral support; particularly, I needed her there to help me pick one out. Like I said it had been over a decade the last one I bought was plain, a purple, one piece Speedo. But now as Theresa put it “I’m a grown up” for those of you that don’t understand this concept it pretty much means: I need something more “piña coladas at the pool bar” and less “floties and rubber duckies”. I am happy to say that after taking 9 pieces of swimwear to the fitting room, I am extremely happy with my final decision. It says “screw piña colada’s I’m a martini kind of girl” but since, I’m not the ‘sit and look pretty’ kind of girl, it will hold up nicely when I get in the water. Plus, it kindda goes with my rockabilly style.

These are one of the 2 shorts I own. Cascadas, El Salvador.
These are one of the 2 shorts I own. Cascadas, El Salvador.

Oh and I also bought me some jean shorts. This is big too. I don’t really wear shorts, I wear dresses but for some reason I think my legs are not suitable for shorts. But with Theresa’s support I bought me a pair, they are shorter than bermuda which is usually what I wear (usually is an exaggeration because I really don’t wear them, I only have 2 anyway), but they didn’t look too terrible. I got my outfit for the lake. I totally forgot the tanning lotion but I’ll be looking flawless as a burn to a crisp.

So, in yesterday’s post I mentioned that I was discussing my travel plans. I think I’ve made you suffer long enough, I’ll go into more detail. However, at this point I don’t have much, it is still in the planning stages. Actually, those of you that have been following my blog since I began with UTBS know that I was thinking of going to Europe at the end of the year, well my dears “thinking about it” has now evolved to “definitely going.”

We will be heading out at the end of the year, after the end of our school semester. I will of course be traveling with my traveling buddy-Ms. Sandra. She and I have gone everywhere together: Road trip to Seattle and NYC for example. We travel well together, she knows I’m like a baby and have to eat every three hours and I get hissy if I don’t have my caffeine. I know she does not do mornings, so when we are up extremely early I have to limit my word count-in this case less is better. So far we are thinking of going to England, France, Italy, Spain, and maybe Ireland.

I know amazeballs, right? It cost a lot of money to get out there, so we are planning on making it worth it. We’ve agreed to make a list of the places we want to visit, then we will narrow it down to the must see places. So far this is my list:

England: London

Nicholas who?
Nicholas who?


  • Globe theater-I’m an English major (so is she, so she’s cool with this), I feel I will be doing my major a disservice if I don’t watch at least one Shakespeare play. Plus I love Shakespeare, I mean the guy was a total genius! 
  • Art Museum- I love museums, they are a must see for whenever I travel. 
  • Highclere Castle-what? this is the castle were they film one of my favorite shows “Downton Abbey” 
  • I would love to do a Jane Austin tour, they have these. I’ve checked. 
  • Liverpool-this is for sure making the list, Sandra’s a hardcore Beatles Fan. I’m okay with this I like them too, not as much as her, but it’s the F’n Beatles! Plus, I’m more than likely making her go to Graceland with me. 

France: Paris

  • Eiffel Tower-definitely on the list.
  • James Morrison’s grave-I’m sure she will be okay with this, I made her go with me to check out Bruce Lee’s when we went to Seattle. You know we went to Hendricks’ too. 
  • Paris Disney-definitely on the list. No secret I love Disneyland; thus, this is a must. 
  • Art museum

Italy: not sure yet, it’s looking like Rome. 

  • Museums, ohhhh this would be heaven…if I can’t get any other museum in any of the other countries, it is a MUST in Rome. This is the birthplace of Baroque art, which is my favorite type of art. 
  • The Vatican-hey I was raised Catholic, I’m curious
  • The Domes: The Pantheon and St. Peter’s Basilica

    It's a must
    It’s a must
  • Piazzale Garibaldi 
  • Trevi Fountain 
  • We must ride a Vespa. Not sure why but when I think of Rome, I think Vespa. 

Spain: Not sure if we are going to Madrid or Barcelona. 

Ireland: Dublin

  • Guinness Storehouse-this is a must!
  • Trinity College- that’s Oscar Wilde’s stomping ground. 
  • St. Patrick’s Cathedral and Christ Church. If I only get one, I will choose St. Patricks. Jonathan Swift was chancellor here, plus this is where Handel’s “Messiah” was first performed in the late 1700’s. If that’s not enticing enough, the Knights of St. Patricks started here, f’n Knights! These were the nights that protected the church, not a King, but the Church, so you know they were ruthless (depends what history book you choose to believe). But knights just do it for me, just as Samurais. 

Again, these spots are the places I would love to visit. We are going for 2 or 3 weeks so we don’t have a lot of time and will most likely not see it all. But something is better than nothing, know what I’m sayin’?

I so can’t wait, delicious pastries, cheese’s and wine! We cannot forget the wine. We have come to one agreement: NO DIETS ON THIS TRIP! As I told her: “I will not eat meat, but I will eat wheat!” The lesser of two evils.

We are also planning a road trip to Vegas in August, not a road trip you say? It is when it will take you 10 freaking hours to get there instead of 3 or 4, which is how long it would take when we lived in LA. But I’m looking forward to it, making sure we take the scenic route, going through Yosemite Park, not Bakersfield. Sorry, for those of you that are from Bakersfield, but…you know…yea, I’m sorry you live in Bakersfield. I tried but nothing came-sorry.

Want to know the crazy thing? We are thinking of going to Japan in December of 2015. I tell you we like to travel. El Salvador is also on my radar for next year, so I might have more than one big trip.

Exciting! I can’t wait! I think this will be a perfect way to end my first graduate semester. I’ll fill you in on how we are planning on doing this, on a starving student budget tomorrow.

Sidenote: Theresa informed me that we missed the June registration for Crossfit, so the next one is July. Sad, I know…but I’m still doing my thing and we are both committed to starting Crossfit so it will happen. Maybe we will have to find another gym or something. I don’t know but Crossfit is happening. 

I know most of you will go out tomorrow (Friday night), remember alcohol makes everyone look sexy. So drink up, and remember to grab your undies as you do the walk of shame on your way out!

Stay sexy!

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