"Tell the story of the mountain you climbed. Your words could become a page in someone else's guide book"

Morgan Harper Nichols

Seriously, America?

We all have that something, that something that just throws us over the edge.
Something so unbelievable that we just lost it and could no longer remain quiet.
Well…I think I found my something and it unleashed what I had been holding in since 2016.

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Hulu’s Shrill, more than just Body Positivity

Some folks are applauding this show as a great boost to the body positive movement, which I agree with. But it also covers a lot of issues that women of all sizes deal with, so you don’t have to be big to appreciate the beauty of this show. It’s a bonus to those of us […]

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A November to Remember

November 2019 was one to remember. November was intense as it was heartwarming. November made me put a lot of what I have just learned about myself to the test. That should be read as: all my spiritual teachings were called upon and tested.

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Ego? Not Today

This morning for some reason, I woke up extremely critical of myself. Primarily of my body. The way it looked, my weight, my hips, I think you get my point.
It’s been a while since I felt this way, so it felt odd, out of place. But I couldn’t shake it off.

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It’s Earth Day, umm, Week!

Since, I was not able to get this post out in time for the actual Earth Day Celebration, I’m going to declare this week “EARTH WEEK.” It’s really not a big thing, some have declared April Earth Month and others already celebrate this entire week. Check out some helpful easy tips and resources to live Green and save Green.

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Quote of the week:

Consciously and confidently enter the sacred process of co-creation, because That which expresses as you does not happen through anyone else in quite the same way. Become a master of your own divine, radiant creative expression”

-Michael Bernard Beckwith