"Tell the story of the mountain you climbed. Your words could become a page in someone else's guide book"

Morgan Harper Nichols


It’s here the New Year…or almost we are still in 2019. But honestly, I’m kind of glad to see this year go, it’s been interesting 2019, but I think I’m ready for 2020!

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Seriously, America?

We all have that something, that something that just throws us over the edge.
Something so unbelievable that we just lost it and could no longer remain quiet.
Well…I think I found my something and it unleashed what I had been holding in since 2016.

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March 8th, International Womyn’s Day!

Then it hit me, what about honoring the womyn in MY LIFE? The womyn that have in some way or another influenced me, the unsung heroes in my life. The womyn that I know, and that I pray to GOD you get to have your own version of in your life.

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Mamihood Adventures: Quarantine,Week 5

These past few weeks have been interesting and entertaining. Not as much as the chaos that was my first zoom call, though. We had 10-12 kids trying to out-toy the other kid, mom’s that didn’t put their screens on mute, so everything could be heard.

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Mamihood Adventures: COVID-19 Week 1

Like many Mami’s out there, I’m now a member of the homeschooling club. Which means my kiddo and I survived our first week, not sure how but we did. I’m going to be honest with you, when this first started, I didn’t take the homeschooling part too seriously.

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