If you would like to reach me please drop me a line in the section below, I will try to respond as soon as I can. Sometimes my tiny human and life keep me busy, so my responses might not be immediate.

To help you out a little here are a few frequently asked questions:

“Do you accept guest blog posts?”
Yes and no. It all depends on the subject matter and the individual. It has to match up with the tone and values of my blog. I’m sure once life picks up, this might change to a No. As it takes time to read through submissions and curate. But for now, I’ll keep my “si pero no” answer. Contact me and we will go from there.

“Do you do paid or sponsored links?”
I haven’t but I’m open to it. If it lines up with my values and the tone of my blog there’s a chance I will take you up on your offer. Contact me and we might work something out.

“I have a great product; would you mind promoting it on your site?”
Sure; however, only if it really works. Currently all the things on my “Favorite Things” section are not paid endorsements, they are things I have tried, fell in love with, and think everyone should try. Contact me if interested, but beware: If something gets sent my way and I don’t love it, I will not be promoting it.

“Do you really like Elvis?”
Is this a trick question? Yes, I love the guy!

“What’s up with all that sass and the profanity?”
I get this a lot, but honey I’m just being ME! I’m as REAL as they come and the sass? Well, that’s just a bonus from my DNA and upbringing. Plus, sometimes you need to use profanity to really emphasize your point.
Since this is my BLOG and it’s called VOZ y VIDA. You will be hearing my VOZ, it is my place and my time, and I will be as sassy as I want to be. On occasion I might even be salty, sit back and enjoy the REALness, you might learn a thing or two.

“I contacted you via email/blog comment/Instagram/Twitter, but you haven’t responded. Are you ignoring me or just being a straight-out dick?”
I’m not ignoring you, I might just need some time to respond. I like to be thoughtful in my responses, I believe it’s the best way to avoid misunderstandings. So, please keep commenting and posting, they give me life.
But there’s also the slight chance that your comment or post was a little on the “dick-side” and I would rather not respond. To be on the safe side, I would go back, re-read what you wrote. Was it sent in a dick-tone or was it dick-tone free? If dick-tone free, then you’ll be receiving a response from me. Might just need some time.

“Are you open to topic suggestions?”
Yes, and yes! I would love to hear from you, send me book, movies, and topic recommendations. I will do my best to follow up and check it out. I can’t guarantee I will write about it, but I will try.

“What is the best version of Jane Austin’s “Pride & Prejudice?”
BBC version hands-down! There’s no Mr. Darcy like Colin Firth. Plus, let’s face it Hollywood’s version was not true to the novel. There’s just no competition.

“Can I quote or reprint your post?”
Yes, but please make sure you give me and my blog credit. Most importantly, do not change words or paragraphs. That’s not cool.

These FAQ’s may change as life happens and more questions come up.

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