Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to check out my blog. Now to the big question, who am I and what is this all about. Read on my dear and hopefully your questions will be answered.
Moni smiling, with the USF campus as her background
You would be laughing too if there was a library hold on your degree! Better to laugh than cry, I say.


The words on this blog are written by me, Mónica, a passionate, loving, intelligent, spiritual, loyal, feisty, happy, creative, compassionate, dreamer who believes in the power of the people and in the Magic of Christmas. I’m a vegetarian who is allergic to eggplant; however, I still believe vegetables are our friends (just not the purple ones). I consider myself to be an advocate for social justice and a life-long student of whatever catches my attention; unfortunately, new subjects always pop-up when I’m trying to meditate.

On occasion I’m a sister, aunt, and niece. I’m a full-time Mother, daughter, and loyal friend. My biggest addictions are the outdoors (Hello my name in Mónica and I’m an outdoor junkie.), book buying, wine and coffee (this is more of a necessity, to be honest, both are.), and spending time with friends. My biggest guilty pleasure is watching Hallmark Christmas movies and sappy romance movies, (Bridget Jones and I are soulmates, she gets me.) Yea, I even watched (and read) the Shades and Vampire movies, I couldn’t help myself. No judgements, we are being honest with each other, right?

I also like Hallmark wedding season movies. Let’s be honest.

Voz y Vida, was created because I’m passionate about writing and I have a lot to say about a lot of things. Why not get them all in one place?

Just realized I also like Hallmark’s Spring Affair movies.

Voz means voice in Spanish and that’s what you will find in every single post. My voice. My opinions. My honesty. My anger, sadness, and fears. My take on things, you might not agree with everything but that’s okay, tell me why you don’t agree or start your own blog to tell the world why YOU know better (should be read “why you THINK you know better).

I also like Hallmark’s Fall movies, those tend to always get me excited for sweater weather.

Vida means life in Spanish. I will be writing about things that move me and make my life complete or at least interesting. If you need a clearer definition, this would be the Lifestyle section of my blog. But not your typical “lifestyle” section, this will be more of a “life according to MY style” section.

In short, Voz y Vida is my way of using my voice to Entertain, Enlighten and Inspire!

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  1. Not much of a reader, was recommended by my cousin Eddie. And I must say I really enjoy reading this!! Really love how you look at life. Keep it up!


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