She-nanigans*, for some reason I really love this word. I’ve used it in multiple social media posts #shenanigans, #birthdayshenanigans, #christmasshenanigans. I really don’t know why I like it so much, but there’s something about it that combines adventure, the unknown, and the famous “fuck it, let’s see what happens” shrug.

Here you will find She-nanigans related to:

  • Adventures, trips, etc. anything that can have a #shenanigan to it.
  • Projects, I torture myself from time to time and I start projects. These could be from gardening to finding out why Andy Warhol is so famous. I will use this section to write about my findings and/or progress.
  • Gallery, I might post pictures of my hiking trips or any other trips. But you might want to follow my Instagram page for more pics.
  • Honestly this might have a few things or none…I just wanted shenanigans somewhere on my site.

*For the record I know the word is SHENANIGANS.