My Favorite Things

favorite things

Hello Lovelies,

Welcome to My Favorite Things page!

I’m sure the name pretty much says it all, but just in case it’s unclear I’ll explain. In this section you will find all of my favorite things. Unless, he’s tall, dark and handsome, I’ll keep him for myself! I’m sure you’ll understand. But for anything else you might find a link to a blog that just cracks me up, list delicious recipes, or is simply worth the time taking a look at. You might find some merchandise like: shoes, purses, jewelry, dresses, books, wine, etc. Or my favorite restaurants, causes, stores, the list goes on.

Pretty much anything that I get my little hands on and believe that the world should try, read, hear, use, buy, or simply know about.

Some things are just too good not to share! Of course, I welcome any feedback on things I post or suggestions on things I should post

Julie AndrewsSorry if the title of this page has you thinking about “raindrops on roses, whiskers on Kittens…”

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