To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people just exist.”

-Oscar Wilde

Vida means life in Spanish. I will be writing about things that move me and make my life complete or at least interesting. If you need a clearer definition, this would be the Lifestyle section of my blog. But not your typical “lifestyle” section, this will be more of a “life according to MY style” section.

This section can cover anything from recipes to mamihood, I mean I need a place to talk about those “WTF mami” moments. There’s been a lot of those and I know I can’t be the only one, so please no mommy-shamming. We, mothers are under enough pressure the last thing we need is some jerk shamming us because they think they know what’s better for OUR kid.

Oh, and yes, you read that right-recipes. Now, let’s not get crazy. I didn’t and will not create them, I will be sharing links to whatever I try. Maybe some pictures, and some of my tweaks. I sometimes tweak recipes to make them veggie or vegan friendly.

“The Journey” I’m still trying to make heads or tails of this section, as I’m not 100% sure how much I want to reveal. Now, now…some things are better left for the imagination sweethearts. But I also believe in being as honest as possible and being brave about that honesty. So, in this section I will cover (might change) my journey under the Angelino skies. I’ve been away after eight years and let’s face it, things have changed. The City is not the same one I left and I’m not the same from when I left it. Plus, I will also talk about my job search. Girrrrrllll, do I have some stories.

Other things you might find in this section:

  • Fitness, I’m soooooo close to my pre-baby weight; however, with the holidays I’m soooooo not close anymore. I’m in no way a fitness guru…NO WAY. But I’m working on my personal fitness and I know there’s a lot of us out there that enjoy the comedy of it all, especially when it happens to others. Let’s keep each other accountable.
  • Inspirational/Motivational, things that move me. I might share something that restores my faith in humanity or something that I come across in my spiritual journey that I believe to be worth sharing.
  • “Under the Berkeley Skies” (UTBS), this was written when I lived in Berkeley and whatever shenanigans I went through during my time there. I started UTBS as a writing challenge, as a way to get me to write more often. It worked until it didn’t. But I thought I would leave it as it seems like a great way to see how I’ve grown as a Writer. Ha! That’s if I’ve grown.
Moni holding up a wine glass, at a vineyard in Livermore.
Cheers to living life according to US!

In short, I’ve embraced my Vida and I’m living it to the fullest. I will talk about everything that brings me joy in my life, as those moments that leave me scratching my head, and those that just straight out make me want to cry. I’m living it up baby, not asking for permission to be ME anymore.