Under the Berkeley Skies-Day 33: Crossfit my POV

Sorry I’m late posting this, but I got caught up planning and talking about some future travel plans. You’ll just have to read Day 34 to find out more on that. mhuahahahaha (this is my version of an evil laugh). 

Hello my beautiful people,

How was your Wednesday? Mine was pretty chill. It actually felt like a long day, it did drag a bit towards the end. But I’m sick so that might have a lot to do with it.

As you may recall from yesterday’s post, I’m thinking or wait scratch that my friend Theresa and I are going to start doing the Crossfit thingcrosfit-scary. Not sure why but every time I think of Crossfit, I keep imagining a buff girl. I know she’s just in my head, but she does scare me a little.

Anyway, so she read my post and answered a few of my doubts. She also sent me an article “What to expect at your first Crossfit Workout”  Hmmm, I’ll tell you what I expect:

Them: Muscle, groaning, pecks bigger than my boobs, high fives, and a lot of “oh yea’s” and “killed it”.  Muscle, crossfit-scary2muscle, and more muscle! 

Me: Tears, hate, pain, and possibly even some projectile vomit. My poor wobbly bits will be shaking as they are asked to “lift” and I have no choice but to “lift” because I don’t want to look like a weakling. I imaging all the Crossfitters standing there looking at the new recruits, laughing and cracking jokes at how ‘we’re not fit to do Crossfit’ Some might even be taking bets as to who will stick around the longest. I could hear them now “ Her, with the pomp, first one out” Yes, they are looking at me. I don’t care because I’m secretly thinking “Wtf? He wants me to do what with the what now? A pull up? Has he seen what I have to  pull up? Ummm, maybe I should turn around and say ‘you expect to pull this up?’ Do they not know that I’m here to work on my upper body strength? what if I do one and call it day? Would that be embarrassing? One is one! One is a big deal for me…ugh, why couldn’t we just do Zumba like normal people? Theresa did say she was open to Yoga, maybe…wait now they want me to do what? Oh hell no, they are out of their ever-lovin’ mind! Damn! They are looking at me, I guess they really want me to do it, hmmm, could I fake a seizure? No. It could really happen and then what? What about…? Oh, yay good for you Theresa you did it. Twat! Why are we friends again? “Friends”, now that was a funny bunch, I think Ross would be the one guy to try Crossfit. No, Monica she was the competitive one. LOL! Remember that episode when they signed up at the gym? Wait, what? Now what? Oh, yea…this! Fine, I’ll do it biatches!” 

And scene.

Well, if he's there...
Well, if he’s there…

It might seem like a combination of “GI Jane”,”Fight Club”, and Freaks and Geeks”, but this is what I imagine. I’m probably being slight bit unrealistic, but I’m being honest with how intimidated I am by this Crossfit thing. But that does not mean I’m not up for the challenge. The fact that it intimidates me makes me want to try it even more, actually because it intimidates me I have to try it.

Plus, I know me. I know my competitive side will kick in and it will help me push through.  Furthermore, I know I will become addictive once I start seeing results. I always do.

So this is what I learned from this article:

  1. They are not going to kill us immediately. That is if we have the proper trainers. They will teach us the fundamentals and mechanics first, then we will work on intensity. But this doesn’t mean we won’t be working hard, which makes sense. You are always sore after you try some kind of new workout, you are working on parts of your body you probably didn’t know existed. At least that’s the case for me.
  2. There is 9 fundamental movements in this Crossfit jazz: “..these moves are: air squat (without the bar), front squat, overhead squat, shoulder press, push press, push jerk, deadlift, sumo deadlift high pull and medicine ball clean.”  Apparently all these movements are rooted in everyday life.” HP article. Hmmm, I’m going to have to check them out. When I was hardcore I did shoulder and push press’, so I think I’m good. By ‘I think I’m good’ I mean: I won’t be scared shitless when they ask me to do it. Not that I’m a pro and I’ll be pressing 100 pounds on my first try.
  3. A good coach and good gym are extremely important. Or should I say ‘box’. Apparently, that’s what they (crossfiters) call the gym. Apparently, it’s four walls (duh) with no fancy showers or flat screens (darn). Just sweat, tears, machines, and muscles.
  4. The workouts are referred to as ‘WODs’ as per the HP article: “CrossFit workouts vary by day, and as such they are called the WOD, or workout of the day. Some gyms create their own. Others use the daily routine posted on CrossFit.com.” Hmm, so does that mean I could workout at home if I have to? I don’t think I would; since, I wouldn’t want my downstairs neighbors thinking their roof is going to cave in from all the jumping. But I think it’s good to know.
  5. This is the most important thing: Anyone can do Crossfit, but Crossfit isn’t for everyone.

    I'll get back to you on this one
    I’ll get back to you on this one

So, I think I’m ready. I’m still not sure when we will start; however, I’m thinking, we will be enrolled by June.

Trying to avoid this
Trying to avoid this

Is it weird that I’m actually starting to train for Crossfit? I just want to build up my endurance levels. I’m not going crazy and trying to liftboulders or anything, I’m just pushing myself a little more when I’m out running. Well, I did today. Plus, I’m doing a few reps with my 15 pounders, but nothing major. I know its nothing compared to what they do their, but I don’t want my body to be like “what the hell girl?” Yes folks, my body is pretty darn sassy, I have no clue where it gets it from-go figure!

Side note: I’ve been asked if I still juice, I do. I’ve just changed a few of the ingredients a bit. Every morning except for Sunday ( I allow myself a good yummy breakfast preferably with pancakes.) I start my day with a juice. If I find myself with no fruits or veggies (rare but it does happen), I start my day with some yummy coconut milk and wheat free oatmeal. I no longer drink Soy milk, I like Coconut milk better (unsweetened, of course), plus, it has way more protein than soy.

This weeks juicing ingredients:  

  • 8 oz. organic unsweetened pineapple juice
  • 2 celery stalks (organic) 
  • 4 baby carrots (organic) 
  • 1 cup mix of kale and baby spinach (both organic)
  • 2 scoops of True Vitality plant protein shake (Vanilla flavored)

Keep up the sexiness!

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