Under The Berkeley Skies-Day 22: I heart you!

Hello lovelies, what a day I’m so tired today. I think staying up till 2 am to write a post did not help any, but what can I say? My audience demands more, I know a bit of grandgrandiosity on my part, but so it’s my blog and I’ll get as grand as I want to. I don’t even know if snapthat’s a thing but I don’t care, I’m GRAND so step off.

I swear I tried to wake up early again, didn’t happen. I woke up earlier than yesterday; however, not early enough. I’m trying to make it to work by 9 am, I’m salary so I don’t have a strict 9 am timeline. But I promised myself that beginning this year I would be in the office by 9:10 the latest, we are on day 7 of the new year and it has yet to happen. In my defense it was the brows, my eyebrows were all kinds of crazy this morning. FridaSince, I hadn’t cleaned them up all weekend because I didn’t go anywhere I was starting to look a bit like Frida; unfortunately, we cannot all rock her look.

This morning as I was getting ready I decided to watch Democracy Now, before Christmas it was part of my morning routine. During Christmas time I heard christmas music as I was putting on my make-up, we have established that I’m a holiday freak right? This cannot surprise you at all at this point. Anyway, I was a bit bummed at how ugly the world is can be. There were talking about the situation in Iraq, the legal limbo that the same sex couples in Utah find themselves, Limbaugh and Trump spitting out their nonsense about Global Warning being a hoax and how the media is using the “Polar Vortex” to scare people into believing that we humans are responsible for the current weather.

Since I refuse to give Trump any free press, I will give the mocking of Trump free press.

I say can, because I believe there’s a lot of good happening in the world, it just never gets talked about. For some reason or another we live in a world where good things go unnoticed, they never make the headlines. Why? Because we, humanity as a whole, have become comfortable with the bad.

“Girl, you out of your mind!” No, I’m not. Think about it for a second.

Our media is all about scaring their viewers, by the time the ten o’clock news rolls around you’re scared shitless at what they might say. But yet you still sit and watch.

I don’t get this.

scaredSee, I’m going to be honest with you: I’m a scary cat when it comes to horror flicks. I won’t watch them, I avoid them at all cost. I don’t see a benefit of getting the crap scared out of me, odd, I love going to Knott’s Scary Farm. I got issues, we know this, let’s move on. As I was saying, there are some movies; as for instance, anything having to do with stuff that can really happen as in exorcism’s (yea, I know I believe in them), I definitely cannot watch these type of movies. If a commercial pops up while watching a show online or on TV I walk away, mute it, or change the channel. It scares me, I said it. The last movie “Emily Rose” scared the crap out of me, my poor little brother who was still in high school had to poltergeistsleep in my room for about 2-3 weeks. I kid you not! I can watch movies with zombies or guys with masks but haunted houses, poltergeist, and exorcisms heck no! I will change the channel.


So, why is it that you see this nastiness on television and still watch? You know it’s not good for you, but you still watch? The worse part is that regular media only shows the 12 monkeysbad stuff going on in the world. Unfortunately, I’m going to sound like Brad Pitt in 12 Monkeys but yea, some of the media outlets out there have an agenda, Fox News is the best example of this.

The worst thing is that:

…the dumbest people out there are usually the loudest…

I have to agree with Doyin Richards, they are the loudest and the dumbest. Who is Doyin Richards? He is a fellow blogger who has set a media frenzy simply because he posted a picture of himself doing his daughters hair all the while carrying his newborn baby. Yup, nothing major, other than being a good parent. His blog celebrates fatherhood, due to the picture he posted of him being a dad, he’s been in the media like crazy. Why? Your guess is a good as mine.

His article “I Have a Dream: That People Will View a Picture Like This and Not Think It’s a Big Deal” is a response to all the nonsense he received for his picture.

Some of the feedback was good, but some still found something to complain about. His children not being 100% black, how those are not his kids, that he wouldn’t be doing that if his kids were really black and that he’s just doing it as a photo-op. This is a guy that took a month off from corporate to bond with his newborn, and for this he gets crap from ignorant people? I don’t get what the hell is wrong with humanity.

I saw that picture and I couldn’t help but be reminded of my dad, my Tio (uncle) Arturo. He is my mother’s brother and he stepped up to the plate when my father wouldn’t. He raised me, what Richards is doing to his daughter was the norm when I was growing up. He was my playmate, caregiver, teacher, uncle, dad, and godfather all rolled up into one. Because of him I will never know what it is like to grow up without a father, because I always had one. Shouldn’t that be celebrated? Shouldn’t fatherhood be celebrated? Instead you have people talking nonsense about color, stereotypes, or trying to justify why they are lousy dads by talking about another fellow father doing the right thing.

Like the whole situation in Utah, that just pisses me off. I don’t understand why getting married is becoming such a big thing? The way I see it: Love is love! No matter what shape or form, if you’re genuinely in love with someone and that person feels the same way, go ahead get married or don’t, do whatever you want it’s YOUR decision and YOUR RIGHT.

The government should not try to hold laws based on fear. People that oppose same sex loved itmarriage are just scared, of what I really don’t know. Have they been to a gay wedding? I have, simply fabulous! So much fun! All kidding aside, if you’re not for same sex marriage, then don’t get married with anyone of the same sex! But let those that want to, do it. Simple. Things don’t really have to be all that complicated.

Even Chenney’s daughter resigned from running for the Senate, why? Because the dumb ass (pardon my French, but she really is a dumb ass, you’ll see), went on the record bashing homosexuality. Here’s the good part: I guess she forgot her sister is a lesbian, I mean she has come out publicly and this caused a stir between them. I told you she was a dumb ass! This caused a cat fight between them, and when you’re running for office the spot light is on you. So that was that. The other candidate did have 52% of the voters on his side based on the early predictions; however, this number skyrocketed after the sisterly cat fight. I wonder how Sunday dinners are at that house.

Again, I don’t understand humanity sometimes. I love them to death, but I don’t understand them.

See I know that the world can be an awesome place, I know sounds cliche, but I really do believe it. As humans we have the capacity to be kind to one another, but for some reason we rarely do it. We are in competition with one another, we let our ego handle our daily lives and we lose our decency in the process. Many put up a show, exposing what they believe the audience wants, not letting us see what is under their costume and mask.

Many run away from their pain and hurt, believing that is what makes them weak. The truth is my friends that just proves we are human, it demonstrates how freaking strong you are. How even though you have been pulled through the trenches you are still standing and the best thing ever,you are still capable of love.

I don’t know where this is coming from, those that know me, I’m sure are use to this. You see, I’ve gone through some tough crap in my life, but yet for some reason or another God has given me this ability to love. But when I mean love, I mean love. I love with all my heart, balls out, no holds bar-LOVE! Which means my heart gets broken a lot. But yet I still find a way to love again.

I tried being hard and closing my heart, but I couldn’t. It was lonely.

When I hear about all this stuff going on in the world, the Trumps, the Tea Party members, or just regular joe’s spitting their ignorance and their hate it just baffles me. But what’s worse yet is that this is what gets our attention. We don’t like it but we give it our full attention. Do you know of any of the good stuff that happened in the world today? In your city, town, or neighborhood? Shit do you even know your neighbor? Many of us don’t. I’m lucky to have the best neighbors ever, not the douchy law students (more the husband than the wife) downstairs, but the family next door that introduced themselves within the first week I moved in. The kids are the best, wishing me a good day in the mornings and celebrating the fact that one of them said hi to me. I adore them, they make me smile each time, even when they are screaming as they play at 8 am on the weekends.

I guess the news just disappointed me a little today. But don’t fret I still love you bitches! It’s both a blessing and a curse, you, humanity are the loves of my life!

love of my life

Ain’t that some bullshit?

Do yourself a favor, I know we will continue to see the news. We want to stay informed, even if we are not doing anything about it (my bad, sorry, I’ll leave that rant for another day), but for your own sake make sure you get some of the good stuff. There’s a lot of good out there, but it doesn’t get enough media exposure, because it just won’t sell.

everyday-super-hero-quotes-1Remember if you can’t ever find any of the good stuff to read about, you can always go out and do some good. Just a thought.

Here are some articles of things we might have missed. Some, make your heart smile good stuff. Never say I don’t give you anything.

A Homeless Dog Living In a Trash Pile Gets Rescued and Then Does Something Amazing!

An Honorable Last Wish For A Dying Marine

Restaurant owner with down syndrome runs the friendliest eatery ever. Read more at: http://www.amazingoasis.org/2013/12/restaurant-owner-with-down-syndrome.html

Hope that made you smiled some! Love ya!

Author: monilazo

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2 thoughts

  1. As always, love the blog post Monica! So true about the sensationalizing media that often times does more harm than good. I still believe there are credible journalists out there, but they’re not the ones who garner the most attention, unfortunately. I don’t think I’m going to shut myself off to media, because a girl’s gottta be informed, ya know? But thanks for posting those uplifting news stories at the end! We need some positivity like that in our daily lives. Love ya!


  2. Hey Tara, I totally agree I still watch the news too. However, I’m just careful of what outlets I tap into. I usually still with Democracy Now in the mornings. How else are we going to save the world if we don’t know who needs saving? 🙂


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