Under the Berkeley Skies-Day 19-21: Confessions

Hello my dears, I know I skipped a day but nothing interesting happened. It was quite a bore, not really but I’m sick and so I decided to rest some.

So here’s another


Day 19

I did go on my first Saturday walk of the new year, my friend Kathleen and I had put our Saturday morning workout routine on hold because of my foot injury. However, now that the boot is gone we must get back into it. Plus, it’s our time for girl talk; since, we no longer work together it serves as our gossip hour or sharing of information. Call it whatever you want, but I love it. She’s so funny and patient, best cheerleader anyone could have. I could mess with her and tell her I’m planning on climbing Mt. Everest with 6” heels and she will be so supportive she’ll have me believing I actually can!

Anyways we did have a good time as always, I always enjoy our time together. She might not feel the same, but I would like to think she does. My dear ray of sunshine (I call her that because she was the only white, blonde, blue eyed girl in the office), is so nice she won’t say anything even if she had a bad time.

It felt good to get out there in the outdoors; however, I did realize I’m not ready to run yet. Still feeling some discomfort, nothing major. But yea not ready to hit the pavement yet, at least not running.

During our walk there was a moment where I was like: “Oh, right!” I was trying to catch my friend up on some stuff, but she was like “Oh yea, I know…I read it on your blog.” That caught me off guard. I liked it but it was still unexpected. That means she’s really, really reading it. Cool beans!

Rosetta StoneOh and I started my Rosetta Stone French class. It was fun and extremely interesting; however, I keep trying to pronounce the words in Spanish. But I love it, I’m starting to listen to French music, so I can fully emerge myself in it. Some people I know apparently speak it so we are thinking of meeting up and they will help me with my French and I with their Spanish. We’ll see if it pans out. But for now I know how to say when a man is reading, eating, or running. The same goes with a girl, women, or groups of men and women, or kids. I don’t remember how to spell it though.

Day 20

Today was bittersweet.  In case you don’t know I’m a hardcore Green Bay Packers fan, I’ve never set a foot in Wisconsin; nonetheless, I’m a fan. I have been since the 1990’s so it wasn’t because we got our dreamy quarterback Rodgers. Well, it was the Wildcard game against the Niners and we lost. It was an amazing game, it came down to a field goal. I decided the safest thing for everyone around me was to stay home, because I might just punch a Niner fan in the throat. I’m not really that type of person or fan, but something about Niner and Giant fans just gets to me. They are total D-bags, these are usually the hoppers. You know; since, the team is now winning they hop on the bandwagon and become a fan. They apparently feel a need to yell and be all douche-like to prove how much of a hardcore fan they are. Find a cliff and jump over it!

I’ve been to games both for Football and Baseball, you can always tell which ones are the ones that have been in it for the long run and which ones just hopped on the wagon.  I always get asked as to why I’m a Packer fan if I’m not from Wisconsin, I give my explanation and they respect it.

I hate it when someone says the following: “Packers? Because of a boyfriend?” Total insult! As a matter of fact in my past relationships, I was the sports nut. I had a boyfriend that knew not to call me on Sunday’s during the season. The other like was a Tampa Bay fan, he didn’t really care but he was a biker so he knew I was busy on Sunday’s so he used those days to ride. The latest was a hardcore Niner fan, yup, Niner. I mean insane fan! He didn’t go to my college graduation because of the game. Not okay ohsnapguys, not okay! There’s a reason why he’s the “ex”, he had a hard time with me being a GB fan but the sex was good so he got over it

But then you have those that believe that just because I now live in the Bay my loyalty should be to the teams in the area. Not going to happen. I’m a sports fan, which means I already have my teams, I already know which ones are my favorite. Particularly when it comes to Basketball and Football. So, no I’m not going to like a team simply because I live in the area.

If it was a new sport I was just getting into, maybe, but that’s a big MAYBE. Here are my teams:

dodgersBaseball: Dodger’s…yes, maybe this one has to do with the fact that I’m from LA. However, I was also raised with the great Dodger players from the 1980’s. I use to play softball when I was little and I was always Valenzuela (he dodgers-awas the only cool brown player at that time). I’ve gone to quite a few games in my lifetime; however, I will be honest I don’t follow them as other people might. I don’t watch baseball on TV, I find it extremely slow and usually end up falling asleep. God, do I love going to live games though. Two beers, veggie friendly snack, and we are set! Because my friend Sandra is pretty a hardcore fan, I’ve gotten into them more. I read up on them so I know what the hell she’s talking about or bitching about. For the last two years we have gone to a Dodgers vs. Giant’s game, I love it!

I did almost get punched at one game, for spilling my beer on a Giants fan at a game. I wasn’t really, but you can tell the guy was pissed. Oh and in case you are wondering, it was really an accident. I wouldn’t waste my beer like that, I have principles folks!

I do respect the Oakland A’s, because they have come a long way. Plus, they’re fans don’t get on my nerves as much as Giant fans do. I have cheered for a California based team when I was out traveling, it just seemed the way to go. But it wasn’t such a big sacrifice because it was for the San Diego Padres, my older brother’s team. I really do believe that if it was the Giants playing against the Mariners, I would’ve gone Mariners all the way. Keeping it real people!

Basketball: Of course, Lakers. Same goes here, I’ve been a fan since Magic was a player. This along with softball is one of my favorite sports to play, I know I’m short, but I got good aim.

LakersFor a while I was torn between Chicago and Los Angeles, I mean Jordan’s Dynasty was epic. Who would’ve thought that Jackson would make the same thing happen in Los Angeles a decade or so later. I was out of the game for a while; until, Shaq came to LA. I loved watching that team play, I got into it again. Watching games at my friends house, getting routed up, yea it was insanely fun. I was never much of a Kobe fan, I always thought he wasn’t a team player. A few years back I’ve got back into the game, not all the way as before, just checking on scores and stats. My friend Sandra loves this team more than she does…I don’t know…the air she breathes? Dramatic I know, but you have not seen her watch a game, intense…but aren’t all sports fans like that? I’m happy to see how Kobe has matured as a player and leader, he has skills, that was never an issue. I just couldn’t stand his cockiness, go figure!

I have yet to see a professional game, Laker tickets are ridiculous. But I will be seeing The Timberwolves vs. Golden State in a couple weeks, Sandra got us tickets to cheer for the T-Wolves, we will be rooting for one of the Gasol brothers. I’m sure it will be fun, I’m not a fan of either, but games are always fun.

Football: Now this one is a biggie, I love Green Bay! I’m hoping to go to Lambough packers-1Field soon. Now this team I have been a fan since the 1990’s, actually when they won the Super Bowl in 1996, I remember seeing Brett Favre and falling in love with his style. I loved football since I was a kid, the Niners and Joe Montana were the first game and player I ever rooted for. My brother was and continues to be a hardcore fan, yea you can see how things might get ugly between us, and they do. But after Joe left, I followed him to Kansas City, and then when he retired I was left without a player, but I was still in love with the sport. So you start having your favorite teams and players. Then Favre came along and I was hooked, then he left to Minnesota… we will not speak of that dark chapter in Packer History.

I’ve been a fan of the Packers since then, I really enjoy watching Rodgers, Cobb, Matthews, and I mean just the whole franchise is awesome. The workers are all volunteers, anyone can own a bit of the Packers, the money made at the concession stands goes back into the community and the stadium. This is what being an owner is all about, so it kind of does make sense as to why I like them. I’m going to buy me some shares, someday.

There’s another player I love in the league, that’s Payton Manning. I love this guy not just because of his mad skills as a player (Suck it Colts for letting him go, he really showed them he still has it; although, Luck brought them just that luck!). But more importantly because he doesn’t take himself seriously, you can tell in the commercials and in the interviews he does. He knows what he has to do, what he’s accomplished, and yet he has not let his status get to his head. I love that! So yea, never thought I would say this I’m a Bronco fan too because of him, I love watching him play.

Hmm, I just remembered I use to ‘play’ with a guy that was a hardcore Bronco fan, if he could hear me now rooting for his team…he would probably get really turned on or something. That was kind of our thing, after a night of making crazy love, he would get up the next morning, go get us breakfast (sex is never a substitute for coffee, so he knew he had to get me some caffeine stat!), and we would watch football all day Sunday. We would of course have our halftime shows, damn those were the days. To think that went on for almost two years, it was the most “stable” non-relationship I’ve had.

I went to my first game this last season which happened to be our season opener it was Niners versus Packers, we lost. This was also the last time I spoke to my older brother, until Thanksgiving. The loss hurt, but I was just happy to watch them play. Plus, it was a bit bittersweet. This was the last season the Niners got to play at Candlestick before they tare it down to build a new park in Santa Clara. I don’t know, there was something emotional about making it to the field that got me into football and knowing that one of the greatest quarterbacks of all times played there. It didn’t last long though, once the first quarter started it was all about the Green…Green Bay that is!  Go Packers!

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I will say this, if the Oakland Raiders ever win the Super Bowl I will move to Canada. I’m sorry that would just be too much to handle.

Soccer: I don’t watch it, I only love watching the World Cup. I don’t root for El Salvador, because we never make it. But I do have my favorites: Mexico, US, Argentina, Brazil, Germany, Japan, Portugal, etc. It’s just so much fun! Now this sport I got into when I was living in El Salvador, soccer is big out there, I even played some. I was hoping to make it to Brazil to watch a few games but that was before I found out that they were throwing people off their lands to build stadiums, I cannot support that. But I will watch it…I know I suck!

Hockey: LA Kings, this goes to back in the Gretzky day’s. I’ve never seen a game live, and I don’t really follow it. But then again, my cousin is such a freaky fan she keeps me updated with her constant FB posts. So I’m good. I’ve seen minor league matches, ridiculously fun! Cold but fun.

There, now you know some useless information about my love of sports. Just so you know I’ve played Volleyball and Kickball, as in teams. I would never be on a volleyball team in the states but in El Salvador I was in, I have a killer serve. I just hate that I was always bruised during the season. Oh yea, kickball, is big out there. It’s not played with a soccer-like ball either, it’s a small ball kind of like the ones you play handball with but smaller. It’s intense, loved it!

My friends crack me up, Theresa is no exception!
My friends crack me up, Theresa is no exception!

da-2The Sweet part of the evening was the season premiere of “Downton Abbey,” who wouldn’t be happy about that? I love this show! You have to watch this show, it is just sogreat. Well, I love time pieces so me liking this show is pretty much a given! It’s on PBS, you have to watch.

Day 21

I’m seriously exhausted today, I almost didn’t go in to work today, I was feeling a bit crappy. But today we had a new hire and our first staff meeting of the year, so put on my big girl panties and showed up. I didn’t look 100%, but hey they’re lucky I went in wearing the same shoes. I did forget my brace though, as always I was running late. Seriously, got to work on that. I’m tired of always being in a rush in the mornings.

I was also planning on going for a walk in the morning and yea that didn’t happen, I didn’t even hear my alarm until about 7:30 am or so. Not bad right? But it was set for 6:15.

I was so exhausted after work, it seems that the next five months are going to be extremely busy for me. Grants, campaigns, seminars, and you sprinkle some new bosses to all that and that just leaves an exhausted me!

Seriously nothing out of the ordinary happened today. Went to Berkeley Bowl and then Trader Joe’s, I really need to adapt to change. I can’t be going to two stores simply because I like my raw nuts prepackaged.

I realized I’m pretty darn lazy. I preferred to pay extra for Spinach and Kale washed and cut, instead of just buying the “head or “bunch” (I don’t know what it’s technically called) and doing it myself. I just couldn’t see myself taking the time to do all of that, I mean I already dice and peel all the veggies that go into my juice in the mornings. I don’t need the extra work. Maybe one day I will, but ummmmm not this month!

Since, today’s day is pretty boring and I’m sure you could care less about my Kale, I’ll give you something to entertain yourself. Here are some confessions, pertaining to the 20 goals I wrote about on NYE.

Confession 1: All I had for dinner on Thursday night was chocolates. I had some more chocolatetoday, to damn good! It’s not my fault a board member gave the office a box of the See’s Nuts and Chews, my favorite. So much for eating healthy, right? But I’m going to get serious tomorrow. Plus, I’m starting a challenge on Monday with some other girls so I have to get serious.

Confession 2: I haven’t meditated since last Tuesday. I know between me being sick and running late, ugh…I suck I know.

Confession 3: I’ve decided going 100% wheat free is insanely hard; thus, I will do it only when I have control of the food and when possible. I won’t make a fuss about it when out because I don’t want to be “that” person, it’s hard enough being the vegetarian friend. I hate seeing how some people feel so uncomfortable eating because my choices are limited.

Confession 4: I really don’t feel guilty about only eating chocolate for dinner. It was yummy.chocolate-1

Confession 5: I ate so much chocolate this afternoon at work I had a stomachache, but yet after dinner I found myself wanting another piece. Yea, I’m that kid that just doesn’t get it.

Confession 6: I don’t think I will get up and walk tomorrow morning, it’s been really cold in the mornings.

Hey, in my defense I did buy my mom some stuff.

Confession 7: Oh yea, I shopped like crazy in the San Diego outlets. I bought everything from vitamins to leggings, no shoes. I had already bought three pairs.

Confession 8: Just got into “Sons of Anarchy” and it makes me want to smoke and drink beer, simultaneously might be nice, or just have sexy Jax drink and smoke by my side. Damn, he’s hot! However, I hate the fact that he rides with sneakers. I never agreed with that, I hated when my ex boyfriend use to do it.

Confession 9: Not sure why I was expecting to get something in the mail today from the Professor. I don’t know why, it’s the silliest thing ever. I haven’t heard from him since early December.

Move on! Move on! Get over it! I know!

Sorry for the lack of fireworks folks, but this chick has been sick and indoors. Stuff will pick up soon, promise!

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