Dear Forbes: This Is Why Iggy Azalea Doesn’t “Run” Hip-Hop

Hmmm, this post is so well written it’s almost surprising that the author is white. But then again when you’re calling something out color doesn’t matter. I have to agree with her on all counts, what BS did this girl go through to get where she’s at? The funny thing is that I didn’t even know she was being categorized under “Hip Hop” wtf? I like maybe one or two songs, and the only reason why I like “Fancy” is because I thought Gwen Stefani was on it.

Olivia A. Cole


The Internet is currently on fire following a piece on Forbes that was initially titled “Hip Hop Is Run By A White, Blonde, Australian Woman” but was changed after the backlash forced Forbes to realize what an absurd claim they were making. The new title is “Hip Hop’s Unlikely New Star: A White, Blonde, Australian Woman.”

I’m annoyed for multiple reasons. Let’s discuss them, shall we?

First off, I wouldn’t go to an Iggy Azalea concert if it were happening on my front porch. While I understand (somewhat confusedly) that she does have something of a fan base, anyone who has any love for hip-hop is currently decrying the notion that this woman “runs” hip-hop. Or anything at all, really. But that’s why the article title was changed, right? Because it (as the update reads) “did not accurately reflect the content of the piece.” Nor does it…

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One thought on “Dear Forbes: This Is Why Iggy Azalea Doesn’t “Run” Hip-Hop

  1. Alex Urbina

    A sucker is born every minute – P.T. Barnum
    That’s what fans of Iggy are…suckers! Just my op, but she is whack!


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