Under The Berkeley Skies-Days 25-27: The New Me, NOW!

Hello lovelies, I know what a cruel wretched hag I am, I’ve seemed to have abandoned you. Don’t trip potato chip, I haven’t. I’m here! I have a very good reason for the absence, now don’t give me that look, you haven’t even given me a chance to defend myself.

listen-now-promoI was caught up for the last few days with “Start The New You Now” webinar sponsored by Hay House. Yes, I’m one of those. Anything and everything to achieve the better and healthier version of myself. Now, if you are going to be judgmental I self-reflectionrecommend you look in the mirror and tell me if you like what you see. I’ll wait, go ahead. You do?  Interesting. Okay, now go back to the mirror, look into your eyes, and say to yourself “I love you <enter name here> just as you are!” Go ahead, I’ll wait here.

If you’re anything like the rest of us that last one was not so easy.  You probably couldn’t shut your ego up from trying to slip in the word “but,” as in:

  • But you would be prettier if you were skinnier
  • You would be hotter if you worked out more
  • But you’re not as smart as so and so, and whatever other flaw you see in yourself.

Am I right? Yea, I knew it. Momma knows, don’t argue with me. 

Let me explain how it works, it’s a 7 day webinar. Every day at midnight you receive an All is well bookemail with that days 10 or 15 minute yoga clip, followed by another 30 minute clip of Louise Hay and Mona Lisa  Schulz, MD. Their clip is from a workshop they did for a new book they just co-wrote titled “All is Well: Heal Your Life with Medical Intuition and Affirmations” It’s amazing! It is definitely on my book list. Then you have 5, 30-55 minute podcast with other known intuatives, doctors, healers, nutritionist, neuroscientist, professional organizers, life-coaches, entrepreneurs, etc. anything you can think of that will help guide you in this new quest you are about to embark on. Then you end your day with a movie, the last two have been pretty great. Today’s not so much, it was…well…let’s say what you expect a movie from this type of genre to be like: bad acting, bad graphics, and yea it was just not good. Hoping tomorrow’s is better. Crossing fingers!

The event started on Saturday and will run until next Saturday (that is 7 days right?). Saturday morning after my walk and my girl time with my ray of sunshine, Kathleen. I coldcame home made my green juice and started watching/listening. It was so cold that day that I spent it under the covers for the majority of the day. It was seriously cold, plus I wanted to stay in. I don’t need an excuse to stay in, it may sound boring, but it felt good.  I did get up after a few slothhours and cleaned my apartment though, so I wasn’t a lazy sloth all day (no offense to the sloth).

Sunday, I pretty much did the same thing. I got my Agape on, which means I streamed service, then I got back into the webinar. The cool thing about it, is that I can have it on as I do other things.

“Girrrrrllll, then you are not really listening?”

Yes, I is!

I’ll break it down for you. I have complete trust that my spirit with make me listen to what I need to hear. A word will be said that will catch my attention and I will consciously and subconsciously listen to what is being said.

The rest I let my subconscious handle, things will resonate when I need them.

The spirit is a powerful thing my friend, you better learn to be in tune with it. It can take you places if you are open to it.

Even at work today I continued to listen to the podcast. I’m not going to lie, I wasn’t sure how I was going to pull it off. Tried from my smartphone, it wasn’t uploading the podcast. Since, I usually take my laptop to work (I’m always working on something personal during lunch), I decided I would just use that. I would just plug in my earphones and boom we are good to rock-N-roll! Luckily for me, I had two people out on vacation, one sick, and the other left early so I was alone in the office. I was able to listen as loud as I wanted.

Wait, I do feel for the people that were sick. Sorry guys hope you get well soon. But if you are sick, please stay home. Sharing is good, but not when it comes to germs. We’ve mommy dearestall been out sick in the office, if only mommy dearest would’ve stayed home. Just saying!

Moving along, thus I worked on our giving campaign all the while also working on the new me, NOW!

It’s been pretty interesting, I’ve learned some new things, and received confirmation on some other things.

Louise Hay
Louise Hay

I’m seriously going to get Louise’s new book, I do believe you can heal yourself with a positive mindset. What? I really do! Check this out, this woman cured herself of vagina cancer with affirmations, diet, and self-love. She used the same approach with others in her social circle, it worked. That’s when she realized she had to share this with the world, she accomplished this via a book titled:  “You Can Heal Your Life.” I’ve read this book, it’s amazing. I need to buy it for my personal library, it’s one of those books you will always reference.

Through this book Hay made the correlation between You can heal your lifeemotions and your health. This might not be nothing new to you now. Now, it isn’t. It was unheard back in the 1980‘s. If you are an open minded individual (sounds harsh, but there’s really no other way to put it), you’ll be saying “wait? what? Of course it’s connected!” Well, my dear many Western doctors didn’t believe our emotional state had anything to do with our health. Now, we have found this to be untrue. There are still some that are totally against this sort of thing, but those are the ones trapped in a time capsule or are living it up at the benefit of the poor people they treat, as they cash in on their insurance.

Still don’t buy it? Let’s try this, when do you get sick? Is it when you are the happiest or is it when you’re the most stressed? Do you think it’s a coincidence that flu season occurs during the holidays? Nope! People are extremely stressed during this time, many  also get depressed. We go off our regular diets and eat whatever is put in front of us, we don’t sleep our normal hours because of end of the year deadlines or parties. All of this affects our health; thus, many get sick.

Personally, I know this is the case for me. During midterms and finals, my digestive system would completely shut down. Why? Because during this time my diet consisted of gallons of coffee, chips, and pancakes. Don’t ask about the pancakes, it was just a craving. But in case you didn’t know I do have an odd love affair with them.

Now I want pancakes!pancakes

When I’m stressed, I get migraines. When I haven’t slept, I get migraines. Funny, how the cure for migraines involves me sitting in a dark, quiet room and eventually me falling asleep. Ironic? Bloody brilliant I say! Your body knows what it has to do for you to heal.

When I’ve gone through something heavy and I hold back the tears, migraine. All the emotions are in me. All of the ailments I went through last year were due to stress, depression, loneliness, fear, and anxiety. If we were to really break it down, each trigger has a specific target in our body that it affects. Read the book, seriously.

Seriously, I want pancakes!

The cool thing about her new book “All Is Well” is that Dr. Schulz did all the medical research on everything Louise covered in her first book “You Can Heal Your Life.” Yup, pretty awesome, right?

As if that wasn’t awesome enough, let me tell you why I admire Ms. Louise Hay. She wrote her first book later in life, after her 40’s. This book has sold over 30 millions copies worldwide, has been translated in over 17 languages. She started Hay House Publishing House when she was 60 years old. It is now one of the most renown publishing houses in the world. Ready for the big “WOW?” She accomplished all this while being a high school drop out, a rape survivor, and a cancer survivor. Oh and she’s an 87 years old who just realized she’s also a painter, she is still going strong. Wow, is not big enough to cover this woman’s accomplishments.

For more information on her check out www.hayhouse.com or her movie “You Can Heal Your Life” it gives you a brief history of her trajectory. It also covers some fundamentals of her book by the same title.

Enough about Louise and more about me. As I stated earlier this webinar has really taught me a few things. However, the most important outcome is that it has helped me restructure my way of thinking.

Because I don’t want to bore you with particulars; moreover, my results may not be the same as your experience. I will highlight a few things, that I’ve learned so far. Before I proceed don’t ask me who said it, because I don’t remember. That’s not what matters any way.

    • You don’t need to work hard to acquire what you want in life. Apparently getting what you want in life should be easy, it shouldn’t be so much work. This really got to me, because if you recall a few posts-ago I stated that I was taught that the only way you got anything in this world was by working hard. So now I hear a doctor telling me that’s not the case? I was like: “Wait, what are this guys credentials?” He’s legit. The way he broke it down, was that we are our own obstacles. We need to train our minds to not just vision what we want, but act and feel as if we already have whatever it is that we want.

Here’s why I agree with this and know this to be true: I used that very technique to help get my job at the Foundation. When I went in for my first interview, I meditated and prayed on it, even before I walked in to the building. I envisioned a great interview, that’s exactly what happened. I felt so good about it that when I walked out of the building I said “Yup, I’m going to work here” I felt this to my core; thus, I stopped looking for work. I was told I would be getting a call by Wednesday if there was to be a second interview. I got a call on Tuesday, to meet the following Tuesday for a second interview with the rest of the executive team. I prepared, visioned, prayed, meditated from a place a gratitude. You see, I didn’t ask for to get hired, I was thanking the Universe for my new job.

Went in on Tuesday, met with 4 executives, again great interview. I was told I would be hearing from them by Friday, they still had another interview to do. boomWhen I walked out of the building I said to myself “I will be starting on Monday!” I kept true to this belief and feeling, guess what? I was called in to sign my contract that Thursday and started that Monday.

I made it happen, without working so hard as I have for everything else. I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of working so hard for everything in my life. I’m ready to start enjoying myself.sexy beast

    • Raw meals. I’m not going raw, but I’m going to find ways to incorporate at least raw desserts into my meals. I love desserts, so this makes sense. It’s a healthier substitute for all the healthy yummy sweets I sometimes crave.
    • Do at least 15 minutes of de-cluttering a day. Keeping the past around does not allow any room for the future.
    • Self-care is vital for my spiritual and physical health. self-care-a
    • Keep up with my daily affirmations, say them throughout the day. If you see me smiling it’s most likely because I’m saying them in my mind.
    • self-love-cI will say “I love you” to myself more often.
    • Trust in spirit. The ‘how’ of things is really none of my business, focus on the ‘what’ that’s all I have to do.
    • Keep meditating. Which I have been keeping up with this one.
    • Brush teeth with baking soda. It’s cheaper than a $600 teeth whitening treatment, and it won’t damage your gums as the chemicals in the treatment will.

self-care-bI know many of you might think I drank the Kool-Aid. So? What if I did?  If it makes me a better and happier person does it matter? Am I hurting anyone by believing in these things? No. Trust me I’ve toned down quiet a lot from how I use to be before I started working on my spirituality. I was pretty angry in my early and mid twenties, I was pretty unhappy then. But damn did I hide it well!

For now my dear friends, I can say with all honesty that I’m happy. I’m happy and excited for all the new blessings and surprises that the Universe has coming my way. Maybe I’m doped up on new-age goodness, I really don’t care. I like this feeling and I will make sure it remains. If I slip, I won’t trip, I’ll just try again.

It may sound weird, but the first night I did the webinar, I got the best sleep in days. I had beautiful dreams. It was just 100% goodness.

Why do I mention this? Because I’ve been having some weird dreams, full of fear and violence. I’m sure watching “Sons of Anarchy” before I knock out has something to do with it, but there’s more to it. When I came back from LA, after Christmas, I found a flyer in my mailbox from a neighborhood watch group. It listed a few robberies that had taken place in the nearby blocks, along with some car thefts. For some reason that freaked me out a bit. Then an acquaintance posts on Facebook that his car got broken into in Oakland. This made for some restless nights, I don’t know why. I’m not usually like that. Further proof that I was spiritually off balance. I know I’m a protected and guided child of God, yet I was spooked. But that night, after my first full day of sessions I had some awesome dreams and had some good sleep.

I’m a work in progress my dears, but at least I’m doing something about it.

Friday? I forgot about that. Here’s a summary: Stopped at Whole Foods bought ingredients to make homemade Nachos, a six-pack of Fat Tire, came home and watched “Sons of Anarchy” until 2 am.

junkieI know, Netflix is the dealer and “Sons of Anarchy” is my drug.

I got issues, I’ll be the first to admit it.  Now, let’s give this chick some credit. I haven’t watched a single episode since that night, yea baby! No withdrawals yet, I think I’m good.

Love you crazy people! Have a wonderful Tuesday!

Still want pancakes!

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  1. Hi Monica,
    This is Deborah Bedini we worked together at the Fillmore. I love how positive you are. I wish I had one ounce of your self esteem. Glad to see you are doing so well. I will keep reading your blog maybe some of it will rub off on me.
    xo Deborah


    1. Hi Deb, of course I know who you are! You were the best supervisor ever and most importantly you helped me out when I needed it. Sending you a big hug and thanks for the support!


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