New Year, New Blog, New Journey!

Let’s get reacquainted, it’s been a while.

Happy New Year!

Hi how are you? How have you been? It’s been a while. Over 4 years to be exact. You are still looking good honey!

Have you looked around? I have new digs, what do you think? Still working on it so be patient with me. Especially when your WP skills are self-taught, things tend to be a little slower.

So many things have changed since I last wrote, so many lessons. Some came with heartache to later reveal themselves as blessings.

Things got scary for a bit, but I was able to find my footing and with God’s help slowly crawled out of the rabbit hole I had dug for myself. I think I was starting to get comfortable in that damn hole, but once I got EGO out the way. I saw my way out. Oh and this is just in the last six months! We will talk about this a little more later.

Here are a few tidbits of the many changes that have occurred in my life:

  • I’m no longer living in Berkeley, so of course no more Under the Berkeley Skies. I’m no longer under them.
  • I acquired a Master’s Degree. Yes, I’m a Master at something other than raising hell. It was a weird experience, not as life changing as attending CAL, though. But still grateful for the opportunity and the privilege of higher education (You see I still need to check myself, every-now-and-then). Go DONS!
  • Here’s the big one…ready? I mean, I hope you are. I still can’t believe it from time to time and I have to pinch him to confirm. Want to know who him is? It’s my son. Yes, I became a mother. I know, you just gasped in Spanish, didn’t you? A complete shocker to…possibly only you. Everyone else around me knew that I wanted to be a mother, maybe not how it happen. But mamihood was something I wanted to be a part of. Disclaimer: Didn’t get knocked up purposely, so get that out your dirty little mind.
This is not a telenovela, my friend.

How? Que? Como? I know, so many questions. It was the you know, old fashioned way. Girl meets guy, mistakenly commits to a relationship. Girl gets smart, ends relationship, pees on three different sticks and boom finds out she’s pregnant. He’s a beautiful, wild and crazy kid that has the amazing super power to drive me nuts and make my heart smile at the same time.

  • I’m also currently unemployed, yes girl, after five years at my organization they decided to change a few things and I was one of them. So, at the ripe-old age of 38 (ouch!), I’m looking for work-again. I will be documenting this journey.

Many changes, but don’t fret my sass is still intact!

Thanks for staying true boo!
Let’s see where this journey takes us.

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