Under the Berkeley Skies-Day 40: Update

Good morning beautiful people,

This here is an early morning update, insight, and plea for the family that lost their beloved daughter Kiki this weekend. The family has decided to come out publicly and share their grief and some of the details of the accident, to help little Nick. The following campaign has been started by the family in the hopes of helping 8 year old Nickolas with his college education. As you can imagine that family will now have to deal with funeral and hospital bills; thus, saving is something that is out of the question. Furthermore, tapping in to your savings (if you had any) is something that they will have to do.

I understand that you might not know the family and or might have your own issues to deal with; however, as my grandmother use to always say “Hoy por ti manaña por mi” which translates to “today for you, tomorrow for me”. Which means, today someone needs your help, but tomorrow you might be the one in need. The amount doesn’t matter, just a little helps.

Remember the Universe has an amazing way of paying you back when you least expect it.

To find out more visit Caring for Nick:

Nick and his beloved momma Kiki
Nick and his beloved momma Kiki

Author: monilazo

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