Under the Berkeley Skies-Day 38: Voting, Rights, & Spaniards!

Hi darlings,

So it seems I’m playing catch up with my posts, sorry about that. Hope it doesn’t throw you off; since, we all know its my world and you just live in it. All kidding aside, thanks for your patience.

First things first, did you people vote? I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that you did. For both of our Vote-2sakes. Look, it’s simple if you don’t vote you automatically lose your right to bitch. This is your time, this is when you get to say and do something about it, for many this is the ONLY time you ever do something. Harsh? I’m keeping it real babe, just keeping it real.

I understand the whole “the system is rigged man” argument to some degree, it baffles me how much power the electoral college has. Does Gore ring a bell? To this I say, fine don’t take part in the national elections, but do participate and take action on the local and state politics. There’s many initiatives that do not pass because many are withholding their vote. Do you not care who runs the school board? Who is the Governor? Who represents you in the City Council? These are all things you should know and should care about, because they do affect you.


For those of you that might not be able to vote due to “legal” status then do what many people I know do. Get a “documented” person to vote. It’s not cheating.  I know a few parents that cannot vote, but yet they are extremely involved politically. Thus, they make sure their “documented” kids are registered and they tell them what to vote on. Many people do this, it’s no joke. It’s funny how they’ll go the extra mile, but those of us that have this as a birthright could care less. It’s a damn shame!

Vote-1Voting is serious business my friend, don’t just brush it off as something you do every so often. It means something for many, including me. If one’s vote was not such a mighty sword then why are some jack ass’ trying to set restrictions on voting rights.

Please check out: 

Think about it: if our vote didn’t matter as much, then why would the darn G.O.P go to such lengths? I think theyVote-6 realized what a united front is capable of doing during Obama’s campaign, and are making sure there’s no repeat, especially if Hillary is going to run. For some reason or another I think the GOP fears her candidacy, I can’t pinpoint (yet) as to why, but I feel they do. Most definitely a conversation for another day.

Let’s not forget you have people dying for their right to vote, going up in arms for their right to a democracy. Did we forget what’s currently happening in Ukraine?  Be it as it may, I’m not saying our system is wonderful because we all know this shit needs fixing. Pardon my french ya’ll but it’s a hot topic! Democracy when done correctly can be amazing. We have yet to accomplish this, but I’ll take what we have versus what is going on in Russia-damn Putin!

Spain-4Furthermore, in case you missed it, the colonizers Spaniards are fighting for their right to be a democracy. After almost 40 years on the throne King Juan Carlos is abdicating and his son Prince Felipe de Borbon will succeed him. However, the people have taken to the streets in protest against the monarchy, they are tired of being ruled by a King. They are tired of not having a say in what happens in their country, they wish to be proclaimed a republic and leave the monarchy business in the past.

At least Prince Felipe is one of the good ones, the entire family with the exception of Felipe have been caught up in some type of nonsense. The King’s daughter and son-in-law are currently under investigation for corruption. She learned from the best though, it seems that in April 2012, in the middle of Spain’s financial crisis the King decided to go on a lavish elephant hunting trip in Botswana. Really? Elephant hunting? Jack ass!

I’m eager to see how this all plays out, will the people of Spain win or is all of this in vain? I hope democracy wins, the tides have changed, and Spain needs to catch up.

Here are some interesting reads on the topic: 

Moral of this rant: VOTE! Don’t be a d-bag, do your part. We already know you litter, make up for it by voting! 

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