Under The Berkeley Skies-Day 29: Me and Yoda!

Today was a pretty good day, it was pretty chill actually. I actually woke up before my alarm today, but I didn’t get up until I hit the snooze button at least a few times. I said I woke up, not I got up. Major difference. When I realized it was early, I decided to take a nap. Why rob my alarm of doing what it was created to do?

acupunctureNo walking today, I had my acupuncture appointment. God did I miss it, I’m so zen right now I could just sit withyoda Yoda and be still. Is that even a thing? I don’t know, but for some reason he popped into my mind when I said ‘zen’ so we are making it a thing.

So Yoda and I are zening out drinking some peppermint tea and listening to French Cafe music. I’m emerging myself in the language and culture. I think I have the  consuming large amounts of wine, baguettes and cheese down to ‘pro’ status! So, for now I’m working on the language. I didn’t practice this Saturday, because I was caught up in the webinar. I’ll make up for it this Saturday, NYE ParisI am listening to audio; therefore, this chick is still getting her French on! Why? Because I will be spending New Year’s in Paris! Oh-lala, French toast, snails, and all that is French!

As I mentioned before, today turned out to be a pretty darn good day. It was quiet and productive at work. Things got a little funky yesterday towards the end of the day, but that is not my story to tell. But this morning I made sure I threw it out into the Universe and that’s exactly what I got: a good day. I knew going in to the office it was going to be, I saw to Hawks while driving on the 580 this morning.

Oh lawd, birds? What is this crazy chick talking about now? 

Sweet child, did you not know that I consider birds to be messengers from God? Not just any birds. I’m talking about hummingbirds and Hawks, there’s something majestic hummingbirdsabout them, that always soothes me and makes me know that my prayers are being heard. Sometimes when I pray I ask for confirmation on something, the next morning I’ll see a hummingbird. That’s God’s way of telling me: “Carry On, you’ve been confirmed”

I’m an earth sign, I have this weird attachment to nature. I guess this is just another way my spirit connects to it.

You still think I’m crazy? I’m cool with that, it’s not really about me now is it? Open your mind and realize that everything and anything is possible. People have different ohsnapways of connecting to the Universe, this is one of mine. Plus, what you think of me is really none of my business.

Moving on, remember I told you I declared something for today after hearing Pam Grout talk about her book? Well, ready to find out what it was and if it came into fruition?

followersI’m really, really working on getting more followers and traffic to my blog. It’s one of my intentions I guess you can say. If you are a follower thank you so much, I appreciate you! Share with your friends if you like!

Oops, I got carried away. My declaration was the following “I will have 5 new followers by tomorrow morning”. Simple, I didn’t want to wake up a size 2 or anything. I only wanted 5 new followers.

You guessed it sweet-cheeks, it happened. 5 new followers! When I woke up and checked my email I only had 4. I was a bit disappointed  but then I remembered it was only 7 am, the morning is far from over. I went about my business getting ready for work, by the time I got to work I checked my email again. Nothing. I still wasn’t worried, I truly believe in this. By the time I got settled in, I got a notification from Twitter, I had another follower. That makes 5 followers! Whoa!

I know he’s not following my blog, but yet he’s following me on Twitter. When I asked for 5 followers, I didn’t state “followers of what”. Get it? Good. I got my 5 followers. I got something else for tomorrow, let’s see how that goes.

Today’s webinar was pretty good, I was able to listen to parts of it. The majority of it was listen-now-promocentered around our thought process, again, how we have the power to create the life we want to lead. I don’t have specific pointers for you today, because everything that was said, was a confirmation of things I already knew. What? I said ‘know’ not ‘practice’ so calm down.

However, the one speaker that stood out today was Jon Gabriel. Who is the writer and creator of “The Gabriel Method.” He gave some interesting health tips, his method pretty  much involves using your brain and not a diet to lose weight or get healthy.

His book explains how he lost 214 lbs. without dieting, He apparently tried every diet out there, he worked with John Atkins himself and that didn’t help. He would lose 20 and gain 40.

Gabriel Methid

His technique taps into what Louise Hay advocates: mind-body relationship. He uses meditations, affirmations, along with healthy foods and exercise. He asks you to incorporate healthier foods into your diet, gives you healthier recipes for things we love, and walks us through the steps to get to what is really causing us to gain and keep the weight. It can be guilt, a trauma, or something as simple as money problems. The way he put it was that we are so focused on our lack of money, we are determined to save everything and anything we can; apparently, your body listens to this and decides to save the weight too.

It’s all about baby steps, small changes, maybe simply just adding a salad or some vegetables to your diet. Slowly your body starts adapting to this and starts rejecting the ‘bad’ food.

Seriously, I know I’m oversimplifying what he said, but it made sense. Especially if you believe the mind-body connection stuff, you should check this stuff out. I went ahead meditationand checked out his website www.thegabrielmethod.com Before he ended his podcast, he guided us in a meditation. Right in the middle of my break room, I got my zen on.  That’s how I roll!

No wonder, I’m all Yoda-like today. I meditated twice and then acupuncture, makes for a very harmonious Moni!

Jon spoke highly about Chia seeds, I’m not so sure about them. I toss them into my juice every now and again, but I’m extremely weary of them. I was adding them to my water and they hydrated my system so much I was feeling dizzy all the time. Once I stopped with the chia water, I was good. So not sure if I will go all balls in to the seeds, maybe once or twice a week in my morning juice, nothing more.

I love my Ruby!
I love my Ruby!

Oh yea, learned today that we women eat I don’t know how many gallons of led a year via our lipstick. Ain’t that a bitch? Ummmmmm, yea not giving up my red lipstick. I’ll work on some other stuff to make it for it, but not the lipstick. Maybe I can find some alternative to my Ruby Woo, but I don’t know.

So before I go I’ll give you another example as to why I believe the Universe know’s what the hell it’s doing.

Today’s movie was about Dr. Wayne Dyer (one of my guru’s) and how he forgive his father that abandoned him when he was only 3. I thought it was pretty cool, so I was looking forward to Wayne Dyerwatching it this morning when I saw the days line up.

Today, the 15th I’m suppose to be getting a deposit from my ‘dad’ for my student loans. We have an arrangement: one month he covers it, the next month I do. It’s not necessarily what I imagined when he said he would help me, but at this point I’m just grateful. Anyways, so I noticed I hadn’t received it. Double checked my account to make sure this was in fact his month. It was.

Darn, I have to call him. Let’s see if he has time for me today.

See ever since Thanksgiving, I’ve called him when I was in LA to let him know I was in town and maybe he would want to meet. Haven’t seen him in over a year, and when I called him he always said “I’ll call you back,”  he never did. We really don’t have a close relationship, but it’s come along way since I moved out to Berkeley. Anyway, he actually picked up and was able to talk. First thing that came out of his mouth was an apology for not coming through for me this month. He explained some expenses that he had and what not, about $60k worth of expenses.

What was I going to say?

Our conversation was a long one, there were some laughs. Which is still new to me and I’m still getting use to. I’ve never sat down and had a meal with this man, I’ve never rode in the same car with him, I just found out his age last year, and just met his oldest daughter (from his relationship in the US, he has another in Mexico that looks like my twin–creepy!) two years ago. Like I said we are not really “father-daughter” material, but we’ve come a long way.

Overall it was a good call; however, there was something he said that resonated and reminded me of the place I have in his life. There isn’t one, or if there is one it’s written in invisible ink so nobody can see.

secretsHe mentioned that his son was behind and caught up with credit card debt, so he had to bail him out by giving him some money. He did the same thing for his daughter a year ago. He apparently gave his son a few thousand dollars. When he was talking about this, I couldn’t help but think “I needed less than $400” It’s not much when you compare it to the thousands he gave his kid to bail him out, but I guess in my situation it equates $4 million. See I’m what some might call the “bastard child,” he was already married when I was born, he used the age old “We don’t have a relationship, it’s just for the kids”  line. Of course, it was a lie, he has a son a couple years younger than me, so much for just in it for the kids. Anyway, because of my “secret status” he can’t really dig in to his savings and say “I’m giving my daughter money to help with…”

I’ve accepted this but yea it still sucks. I’m the only one of his children; we are a total of 6, that received an education. He’s dealt with teen pregnancy, party teens, everything you would think I would do based on societies version of growing up without a “daddy”  but it wasn’t me, it was his other kids..

Luckily for me my Tio Arturo is the person I really consider my father, he was there and prevented this from happening. He knows every illness I’ve had, every lost tooth, shit every spanking, and he always made sure my grades were good. I love you Tio!

Now back to ‘dad’ I was the good kid, but I would still get reprimanded for what his other kids were doing. I remember when his daughter got pregnant while in High School, he came to me and threatened to stop helping me if I got pregnant. He would only give my mom $100 every blue moon, but that money came in handy when we did get it. When he would say stuff like that it would seriously piss me off! It was proof that he didn’t know me, at 13 I was not thinking about sex. I wasn’t even thinking about it at 18, I was a late bloomer. Bet you didn’t see that coming?

Anyway the connection between my conversation with my ‘father’ and the movie “My Greatest Teacher,” is that the main character Ryan was so angry all the time and he blamed it all on his father. He had drama in his life, his relationship with his own son was not very good and he blamed it on his father, he was pissed off at him. He went looking for him and (spoiler alert) on his search found out his dad had passed away in the worse conditions. He visited his grave and started releasing all the anger he felt, only to realize that wasn’t it. He needed to forgive him, so he did, his relationships,  and perspective changed.

I did that a long time ago; obviously, I still have my moments. But they pass a lot faster than they presented themselves. I’ve come to understand the situation. I can only imagine if things were different he would’ve done for me all that he did for his other kids, but he’s taught me forgiveness and because of him I have this extremely special relationship with my mother and Tio. Plus, I got my beautiful eyes from his DNA, how can I be mad at that?

My parents, Tio and Mom
My parents, Tio and Mom

He has talked about talking to his wife about me, but I told him that was his decision to make. The last thing I want is to create trouble over something I had no say in. My sis and I were tight in the beginning but we have drifted apart a bit. We are extremely different people and…ugh, I will reach out to her. It was a big deal for my dad to get us together. I’ll text her tomorrow.

Speaking of which I really need to reach out to my other sisters, the eldest snitched about me not calling her in months. Guilty. Have to get on that, I have no excuse. Plus, she’s the one that spoils me when I visit. What? I’m not ashamed, I am the little sister and this has been our relationship ever since I met her for the very first time in El Salvador in 1985. It was love at first sight with this sister, we totally forgot about the other one, what’s her name? No really, she disappeared on us all the time because she was upset my mom dropped in for a visit from the US with a 5 year-old Mexican girl. Oh yea, my mom sent no notice of the offspring she had in the US to the motherland. Now you might understand why I always make a big thing about making an entrance, it’s been engrained in me since I was little. Ha!

Oh child, the adventures in my life have been some crazy and memorable ones. I should start my own blog or something…what do you think?

Well, sexy people this chick is going to get some sleep. I’ve ranted enough…for one night.

Love you and stay sexy!

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