Under The Berkeley Skies-Day 4: Time to Heal

Note: Apologies for posting this one so late, but life happens! I hope you can forgive me lovelies! 

Almost didn’t go to work today, because I’ve  been dealing with the same migraine since Sunday night. But like a trooper I went in, late, but I was there. End of the year madness at the Foundation, so I must be there.I’m sure they could survive without me, but my ego likes to think they can’t from time to time. Let me be, it makes me feel special even if it is in a “get-her-helmet-ready-she-might-be-boarding-the-short-bus-but-it’s-too-early- to-tell” kind of way!

Anyways, so instead of taking those damn little tiny pills of mine I decided for a more holistic approach-acupuncture. I have been taking my prescription but they seem to only be lowering the density of the pain, not taking it away. Plus, those pills either knock you out or give you the worst high ever. I mean seriously, you don’t see unicorns or swim in a chocolate pond, you’re just out of it and dizzy.

This is my second time trying Acupuncture, which was actually recommended by my Nurse Practitioner. I was a bit surprised, for some reason I thought Eastern medicine was a taboo subject for Western medicine practitioners. But my NP was pretty cool about it and recommended some places for me to go.

She also said I needed to quit my second job to which I replied: “Sure, I’ve gotten use to whoring myself off to my sugar daddy anyways.” not happening

Okay, I didn’t but I told her I would think about it-school loans are no joke!

If I could find me a sugar daddy that looked either like George Clooney or Colin Firth I would most likely whore myself off though, let’s not get it twisted. I mean “swoon!”

I went to this cool place here in Berkeley, called Berkeley Acupuncture Project (BAP).  They are extremely nice and the best part, affordable. Plus, once you’re in there, you’re in there. What I mean is, typically people go in there and feel so relaxed after the needles are in that people knock out. Nobody will come and wake you up because you’re 45 minutes are up; unless, you tell a practitioner to wake you at a certain hour. At BAP you decide when you are ready to go; typically, this is when I have to use the restroom.

Since, I’m on a mission to heal: physically, emotionally, and spiritually. I’m ready to try anything that will make me feel better.

Off I went, not as tense as the first time because I already knew what to expect.  The first time was ridiculous, I’m scared of needles so I could stabbingpicture the acupuncturist  stabbing me with the needles. Not this time though!

As you walk in you’re greeted by an extremely nice receptionist, they scare me. Nice people do. I mean, how can you be that nice? Just me?  Whatever, now you scare me too!

This time I was determined to grab a chair in the warmer room, I froze the first time and I couldn’t sleep or really relax because I was so cold. You walk into these communal rooms, with reclining chairs. No private rooms, unless you are getting a massage. You take off your shoes and socks, if you’re wearing pants you roll them up, along with your sleeves if you are wearing long sleeves.  I swear I thought I was a pro, I was able to sit back in the chair, I even knew how to make the chair recline this time. Let’s just say that the first time was not as smooth and a bit more comical. Sad, yea it was sad too! I mean I couldn’t figure out the recliner! Wow!

Since, the practitioner saw or heard all the velcro from my boot, she assumed that was what I was there for. Nope! I needed someone to either chop my head off or work some acupuncture ancient healing magic on me stat! She did. It was immediate, you know that sound tires make when the air comes out? Well, that’s what happened. No noise though. I could feel the heaviness and pressure of my head float away, it was replaced by this extreme lightness. She asked me how I felt and I just looked at her and said “I’m good!’ I’m sure I looked like a stoner at that point, because I sure felt high. My body was floating, I could feel the energy (Qi) moving. That’s what it’s suppose to do. I know it sounds like crap to non-believers, but it’s true. It kind of weirds me out on how I can feel and at times see the energy move. This time I was able to see it because I drifted, I got in the zone and off I went.

I was extremely relaxed, felt good. I was cold, but I was relaxed. That is until I had to use the restroom. I hate that, I made sure to use it before, but…ugh, story of my life. Anyways, people usually either feel relaxed and sleepy, extremely hungry, or energetic. This time I felt energetic, the first time I went I didn’t feel good. The areas where they had inserted the needles hurt and I felt as if they were still on me later that night. Weird.

It felt good to have all this energy back. I made use of it. Went grocery shopping and prepared my veggies and fruits for my first day of juicing tomorrow. If you read yesterday’s post you would know I just got a new juicer. I wasn’t kidding. My mother got it for me because apparently she thinks I need more protein in my life. Since, I don’t eat meat drinking my protein is the next best thing-for her.

grocery shoppingBut wow was I overwhelmed when I went looking for a protein powder. I knew I needed something that was Gluten free, but I didn’t know I also had to make sure it was a vegetarian or vegan powder. I seriously did not know that animal products were added into these powders. I know: “where did you think that the protein came from?” Protein fairies? No? Okay, like I said I didn’t know. There were different flavors, something for this and something for that. Oh, and I’m not even talking about how expensive it is. I could just buy a nice piece of filet-mignon for the same price and I would still have left over for some potatoes. Since, it was my first time I opted for a cheaper version, and it was some berry one: Vegan, Gluten and Wheat Free. I hope it taste good. I’ll report back.

I’m not kidding when I say I’m on a mission to get healthy again. I’m having a hard time, with this leg. Not complaining, stating a fact. Particularly because I can’t go out for a run, which is what I need for energy, mood and weight control. Running clears my head and always puts me in a good mood. Especially because running was something I thought I could never do. I was never a runner when I was younger. I did; however, play sports. So I guess running after balls was okay (yea, I know my mind went there too-naughty!), but you would never catch me running around the track. I would always talk myself out it, I’m sure my PE teacher Mrs. Juarez knew what I was doing. I would just hang out with her and talk, I always made her laugh so I knew that as long as I kept her entertained my feet would not be hitting the track.

hate running
I seriously did hate running.

I really did loathe running, I didn’t even run for the bus: “Oh hell no, I’ll wait for the next one…I’m good.”  That was my line when my friend would try to make me run for the bus in middle school. Which is why I can’t believe how much I love it now, how big of a part it plays in my life. I’m in no shape to run to a marathon and I don’t see myself doing that, I’m good! However, I do plan on running a 5K one day.

I still remember when my friend called me a runner. I looked at her as if she was high, “Me? Me, a runner?  She was like “Yea!” I soaked in that for a while, I’ve come a long way. It might not sound like a big thing to you, but trust me, it is. Especially when you’ve lived you’re entire life having weight issues.

It pains me to say that one of my biggest issues has always been my weight. Some of it is due to bullying when I was a kid because of my weight (and some) and health issues related to excess weight and unhealthy lifestyle habits.

Maybe this makes me sound shallow, but in my world, I’m just trying to be a healthier version of myself. I don’t want to be a size 2; I couldn’t even if I tried (have you seen my curves?), just a healthy weight that helps keep me away from the doctors office.

I’m not going to lie, I hate the power that the scale has on me. The number that pops up on the scale determines the day I’m going to have. If the number has gone up, I’ll feel guilty and angry for not sticking to my meal plans. If the number goes down, I’m the happiest person on earth and I’m extremely motivated for that days workout. I know this is not healthy or even sane, but many of us with weight issues go through this. I’m not all that bad, I only way myself once a week, some do it every morning. Other’s every hour, each time they go to the restroom, or after every meal.

But; since, I’ve been on the boot I haven’t even bothered in weighing myself. Why? Because I know I’ve gained weight and that is killing me. I’m not sure how much, but I’m sure I have. Don’t worry folks I don’t obsess about it, I’m just being honest about it. I don’t do diets and I don’t starve myself, that’s never been me and it will never be. I stick to eating the right amount and the right foods needed to be healthy. Every now and then I treat myself to something not-so-healthy, I’m human.

Well, as part of this “let’s get healthy” plan of mine. I’m including: juicing (thanks to my mom), meditation, yoga, and meal planning.

  • Juicing: I already mentioned I got a new juicer, which is awesome because I just found out it grinds coffee beans too! The best coffee you can ever have is that which is freshly ground. My host mother in Costa Rica grounded my coffee every two days, it was heaven! So now, I must do the same…sorry Folgers! I typically buy mine at Trader Joe’s and grind it there, last me about two weeks.

Oh yea back to juicing! Since, I’m always rushing in the mornings I like to prepare everything on Sunday’s for the week. That includes the fruit and veggies I will juice, I just bag them and freeze them. So for the next seven days I will be drinking the following:

    • 3/4 mixed berries (frozen)  or 6 strawberries ( I switch every other day)
    • 1 cup kelp
    • 1 cup spinach
    • 2 slices cantaloupe
    • 4 oz. aloe juice
    • 1 celery stick (I mean the whole thing, not just the wings size stick)
    • 1 oz. chia seeds
    • 1 scoop protein powder

Doesn’t that sound yummy? I’ll let you know how it tastes tomorrow.

  • Meditating: Well, this is something I’ve always practiced. Or shall I meditationsay that I always try to practice consecutively? I get on a roll and then when I start getting busy my zen time is the first thing that gets thrown out the window. So, I’m getting back to it. I’m only doing 5 minutes right now, but I’m getting better adjusted and should hopefully be back to 20 soon.

I found these cool Chakra Energy Jars, I got the Chakra Heart Healing Candle, it helps the Heart  and body heal. I know sounds weird, but I truly believe in the connection of meditation and healing, whether it be a physical or emotional healing you’re looking for. Meditation is better than medication in my book!

  • Yoga: Since, I’m still in my dang boot I can’t really go all hardcore on this one. However,  I did find a place out here in Berkeley, that does Healing yoga. The best part is that I purchased some classes off of Groupon and they don’t expire! They practice different types of Yoga, which I find extremely interesting. They teach one which solely practices breathing. I know…whaaat? I’ve done yoga before and I really enjoy it, but it has been years since I’ve done it in a studio. I incorporate yoga poses in my mat/core workout after I run, it helps keep me aligned. I have back issues too. I know 33 going on 83!
  • Meal Planning: This is something that I’ve done for the past few years, it’s helped keep me in check when I’m not working out. I do it through Spark People, they are an online community with different resources and I highly recommended. It’s pretty awesome and so simple to use. There’s an app and different support/interest groups. I’m just going to get more strict with this and make sure I stick to it.

Something else I didn’t mention that I know will help me heal is writing! Writing really helps me, which is why I’m working on Under The Berkeley Skies. With this being said I believe I owe you a big THANK YOU for reading and for keeping me accountable. Knowing that people are reading really makes me happy and keeps me motivated, I would write either way, but knowing other people are taking the time out of their day to read this truly takes it to a whole different level. So, once more:

thank you

Okay, I’ll stop with the gratitude I don’t want you to get a big head!

Good night lovelies!

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