Under the Berkeley Skies-Day 1

storytellingA few weeks ago I was at a convening for grant makers, the topic “Storytelling for Social Justice.” It was an amazing conference, the best part was when a young Dreamer went up to the podium to narrate her story. She talked about her journey from Vietnam to UC Berkeley. Her story was powerful, she took us through her heartbreak of losing her mother while still a child and the struggle of her current status in the United States.

She is a part of a new movement that is fighting for immigration reform by telling her story. Yes, storytelling is making a comeback folks, it is no longer something exclusive to your grandparents or campfires. Storytelling is now the form in which individuals advocating for a cause can take control of their story, avoiding the inadequacies that occur when others try speak for you.

Storytelling has become a medium and starting point for many people.We’ve all seen or Julie & Juliaheard the great stories of how bloggers become Best Selling authors for writing about what they know best-THEMSELVES! Individuals that write about their love for cooking, fashion, movies, etc. 

I’m trying to do the same. Wait, don’t get it twisted I’m not trying to get attention, I’m trying to write about what I know-ME! Most importantly I’m trying to write. Let’s say if I do get notice, that would just be an added bonus.

At this very conference, I decided that I should tell my own story. In the beginning I wasn’t sure if this would really work, but then my beautiful mind had glimpses of Carrie writing in her laptop in her stylish New York apartment. I cannot forget my other favorite blonde, Bridget Jones and her diary. Totally different, but you know where I’m going with it.

Bridget Jones

This site has already been used to express my thoughts and beliefs on certain issues, I am not stating that I will stop doing that. I can’t that’s a big part of me. But I want to take it to the next level. I want to write about what goes on in my life, my world, my days under the Berkeley Skies.  

I’m not going to lie, my life is not all that interesting. There are times I bore myself to death, I mean seriously. But the other reason why I want to do this, is because I want, no scratch that, I NEED to challenge myself. I need to start writing again, somehow along the line I have put my writing aside. So I’m hoping this will help me get back into the routine of writing again.

So, I’m going to apologize ahead of time for the boring entries. I also do hope that you provide me with some kindness on the entries in which I speak candidly and with no filters.

I mean let’s face it we all need some drama in our lives and I have been called a Diva once or twice in my life. So I’m sure there might be an entry were you will quickly look up at your browser and make sure that you are at the right site and have not accidently clicked on Lifetime.com. drama

Let’s just see how it goes.

Wow, I can’t believe I’m really going to do this.

Oh yea, this counts as day one!

Double oh yea, in case you missed it this part of my blog will be called:

Under the Berkeley Skies

Till’ tomorrow lovelies!

Author: monilazo

So many things to say, but not sure how to say it. We will go with the best and simplest answer, I'm one bad ass Unicorn. Yup, there's only one of me and once you get to know you'll understand why that's a good thing. I say what's on my mind and I'm not afraid to call out BS, as I am also the first to admit when I'm wrong. If you want to find out more, check out my site. There will be a little bit of everything, going through a change...so stay tuned. Subscribe to my blog to make sure you don't miss a beat!

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  1. Keep it coming I support your unfoldment and enjoy your writings. You are great and an incredible beneficial presence in the world!


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