Occupy CAL, Nov. 9-Part II

I’m honestly glad that I called my mother last Wednesday to let her know what was really going on at Sproul. The morning after she called and was frustrated with the coverage that the media was showing regarding the previous nights events, before I could get a word in she yelled out:

Pero no dicen porque estaban alli, no dicen porque los estudiantes estan arriesgando su seguridad!

Which translates to: “they are not stating why the students were there, they are not saying why the students are risking their safety/security” Needless to say that by “they” she is talking about the media. It’s also sad to know that some of my other friends were clueless as to why we were there too, they thought we were just part of the Occupy movement. I had to explain that we were there in solidarity to the movement but we were also there to let the UC administration know that an 81% tuition hike is an outrage.

Some of my more ‘realistic’ friends stated that the increase is going to happen no matter what, I simply said that might be the case but at least we are making it known that the students will no longer remain silent to their indiscretions and their apprehensive behavior towards the student. Administration and the government need to understand that they are not only hurting the current students, but also the future leaders of this Nation. We must remember that:

Education is a right, not a privilege

As promised more pics and clips from that day.

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