Occupy CAL, Nov. 9-Part I

Unless you have been living under a rock you are unaware that the world has been OCCUPIED. 

What started in Wall Street has reached such cities as: Portland, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Oakland, San Francisco and 92 countries around the globe. People are tired, excuse me the 99% are tired of watching as the 1% sits back and relaxes as if nothing is happening.  But things are happening, people are no longer staying quiet, action is the order of the day. As Anonymous states in this ‘news clip’

This is now bigger than you or me, it is about US the collective 99%, that will no longer stand for the corruption, greed, and inequality that is rampant among our governing forces…

In solidarity to the Occupy movement and in protest to the recent 81% tuition hikes, the 99% at UC Berkeley joined the cause to make our voices heard. Overall things were peaceful in the beginning, but then things just got ugly. Here’s a clip of the first UCPD officer bringing down our tent.

But we shall not be moved….

I must say that it was amazing how people were so courteous and peaceful, everyone looked out for one another. This was demonstrated over and over again, even under such duress as we saw the police walking towards us in riot gear. The fellow I was chained (arm in arm) next to made sure that I had a good grip around his arm and kept reassuring me that we could do this “we are strong.” Maybe he could sense that I was getting a little scared or was saying it to ease his shaking, I just held on a little tighter and said “yes we can!”  He and my friend/photographer on the left side of me were what kept me strong and rid me of fear, which would be no use to me because at that very moment I was standing face to face with a Sheriff in riot gear. I looked at him and he looked at me, I knew one wrong move would mean his baton coming towards me. I knew that at that moment I had stopped talking about it and I was now in it, I was officially the 99%.

I should mention that before we got arm in arm, and had received notice that the Alameda County Sheriffs were on the other side of the building getting their riot gear ready, the organizers had made sure to announce the National Lawyers Guild telephone number, and had told us to write it somewhere on our body just in case we were arrested. The Public Education Coalition also passed out flyers in which it told us our rights: “A guide to dealing with police, arrest, and the disciplinary process,” which consisted of what to do when dealing with police, what we should do if we got arrested, and how we can help our friends that got arrested. Medics were present, there was a collection for food, and as the night progressed boxes of pizza and bags of candy were making their way through the crowd. I must say it was really the most beautiful thing that I have ever seen. Sorry FOX News, yet again you are wrong…we are not a bunch of dirty hippies, but are a united front demanding change.

Berkeley students, I am a San Francisco City College student and I come here in solidarity because I know that what you are doing today will allow me to someday attend UC Berkeley

[more pics and clips will be posted shortly, please stay tuned.]

Author: monilazo

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