Bill SB185 ‘Diversity’ bake sale at UC Berkeley

"Cupcakes, cupcakes! Get your cupcakes for only...wait, what race are you?"

Whoever, thought a bake sale would be so controversial.  But then again this is no regular bake sale the young Republican’s Group at UC Berkeley (surprised? I know I was too. Republicans at BERKELEY?!), have organized a bake sale in protest against a legislation bill that will allow race and gender to be used for admissions purposes.  This said ‘diversity’ bake sale will take place on Tuesday, September 27, 2011. The exact date that the ASUC-sponsored phone bank urging students to call in to Governor Jerry Brown to support the legislation (Bill SB185) is taking place.  The sale prices are based on race:

Bake Sale Prices

White $1.50

Latino $1.00

Black $0.75

Native American $0.25

$0.25 off for all women

Click here to the see and hear the President of the UC Berkeley College Republican’s Shaun Lewis with CNN’s TJ Holmes. Personally I have to admit that I stand with Holmes on this one, language is key and I don’t think the UC Republicans are understanding this.

So far my favorite interview on CNN has to be this one with author of “White like Me” and activist Tim Wise. Wise makes some very good and valid points, plus the fact that he seems as if he couldn’t be bothered by this “un-original kid” is pretty darn hilarious. Sidebar: It’s pretty interesting how CNN is having Lewis interviewed by African-American newscasters. (nice call by the producers)

Response to the UC Berkeley College Republican’s controversial bake sale (credit Daily Californian, UC Berkeley news outlet).

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