2019 Reading List

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Even though I’m posting this list in 2020, thought I should still include 2019 since this is what started it all.  As I’ve mentioned before, Obama’s reading list and Pinterest inspired me to post my list.

As you will notice it’s a mix bag, some books were gifted, some were purchased. Some were serious, some were romantic, some were spiritual, others gave me a wakeup call. 

“I WAS TOLD THERE’D BE CAKE” by Sloane Rosley…this was a hilarious read and made me want to see Bridget Jones all over again. Seriously, some of the things that Rosley goes through, extremely Bridget-like. This book was part of a singleswag gift box that one of my BFF’s got me for Christmas 2018 (don’t judge it, it’s awesome!), I wasn’t too convinced about it so I put it aside. But one day I just decided to go for it and I’m so glad I read it. She had me cracking me up! You won’t be enlightened by it, but you will feel damn good about yourself for not being the only one that experiences some crazy ass shit!

“BAD FEMINIST” by Roxane Gay…loved it! Made me realize that I too am a “bad Feminist” and I’m okay with that. I always had issues with the label “feminist” and Gay unpacks why many women of color feel the same way. I’m still not keen on the term Feminist but I’m a bit more open to it than I was before. If you are not following her on Twitter, then ya’ll just don’t know what you missing.

“I CAN SEE CLEARLY NOW” by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer…I’m still reading this as of NYE-eve 2019 but will be finished before 2020. I love this book, but I also love this man and have a large collection of his books. I’ve seen him live and always felt a strong spiritual connection with Wayne. He was the first Spiritual Guru I ever got into, he wrote this book a couple of years before he passed. He writes in detail how things happened for him, how Spirit was always there even during the hard times in his childhood and when he received his Leukemia diagnosis. Makes you look back at your life and realize that things worked out the way they were supposed to. So many things I questioned, but that now I understand.

“YOU ARE A BADASS: HOW TO STOP DOUBTING YOUR GREATNESS AND START LIVING AN AWESOME LIFE” by Jen Sincero…life changing! Long title to a book that will also have long lasting affects in your life. This book kept getting pushed into my awareness through different channels. I’m glad I finally got the message and read it, life altering! For some reason when I envision her writing this book she’s wearing a roughed up black leather jacket. She is the rocker BFF we never knew we needed, telling us to get the hell out of our own way. If you are ready to get shit done and tired of the same BS excuses you tell yourself-READ THIS BOOK. I’m on her book #2 Making Money, I’m trying to better my relationship with money. So, I purchased a few books about this. But of course, still working on it because there’s a lot of things I need to work on. Stay Tuned.

“THE PROPOSAL” by Jasmine Guillory…first of her books that I have ever read. I enjoyed it; although, the ending was blah for me. But love the LA references, especially the LA Dodgers, I mean it starts at a Dodger game! I also couldn’t help picturing the main male character as Dr. Menendez from “The Good Doctor”, my BFF who gifted me the book and also sees the show thought the same thing.

“THE WEDDING PARTY” by Jasmine Guillory…second book, the start was a meh, but I got into it and loved the ending. I also appreciated the fact that she brought in some of the characters from her other book. It was like meeting an old friend. #booknerd. Guillory lives in Oakland, so she references the East Bay a lot in this book, which I loved. Made me a little homesick for the place I called home for eight years. Sigh!!

“BECOMING” by Michelle Obama…I mean, what I can say that you already haven’t heard? I liked it, enjoyed her honesty. Not meant to be a “Lean In” type of book, so if you are looking for that, go somewhere else with that nonsense. I enjoyed it! I especially enjoyed the fact that it was her story, it wasn’t about her husband. He was mentioned, which makes sense he is her husband and the reason why she lives in the White House. But she remained the emphasis and you hear her voice throughout the book. Many criticized it because it wasn’t relatable, but I don’t think that’s what she was aiming for. She was sharing her story, her families’ story, her life before becoming the First Lady of the United States. I appreciated it, I liked learning about her, the woman, not the President’s wife. How much did I like it? So much so that I had to get the Spanish version for my mother to read. That good!   

“WITCH, PLEASE! MAGICAL MUSINGS ON LIFE, LOVE, AND OWNING YOUR POWER.” By Sonia Lazo. Yes, we are related and yes I supported! Bought multiple copies and sent them out to my brujas. This book is perfect as it helps you discover your inner witch with colorful illustrations. Perfect gift for Halloween, Galentine (February 13th), International Women’s Day or my favorite “Just Because”.

“IN THE MIDST OF WINTER” by Isabel Allende, if you know me you know that I LOVE Allende. Like for REAL! As is expected she does not disappoint, she has a wonderful way of weaving our past with the present. She beautifully describes issues that the majority of Latinx readers will identify with, making her writing all the more personal and heartfelt.   

“Writing is always giving some sort of order to the chaos of life.

It organizes life and memory.

Isabel Allende

Series: “TO ALL THE BOYS I LOVED BEFORE”, “PS: I STILL LOVE YOU”, and “ALWAYS AND FOREVER, LARA JEAN” by Jenny Han. Yes, I read all three! I loved them, it was a really easy read. You also get the benefit of having a Netflix film, which I wrote about too! The sequel will soon be released in February 2020, did someone say viewing party? 2020 update: The movie was not that great.

“THE ALTITUDE OF PRAYER” by Joel S. Goldsmith…this book took me through a loop. Made me realize how we get prayer wrong, how in fact it is through Prayer that God speaks to US and not the other way around. It took me a while to finish this book, because every page had something in it I had to sit with for a while longer to truly understand. I can’t do this book justice, if you want to work on your connection or need somewhere to start try this book.


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