Under The Berkeley Skies-Day 15: New Year’s Eve!

2013:14So I skipped a few days again, getting back from San Diego and the drive back to Berkeley really killed me. My usual drive from LA to Berkeley usually takes me about 5 hours, this time it took me almost 9. Flying is looking much more attractive, the last few road trips to LA have all been the same. Not sure why, Los Angeles is not all that big of a deal. I know, I’m from there. I love it, because it will forever be home for me, but you tourist causing traffic there’s nothing for you there! Google it!

Now, it’s New Year’s Eve and in pure Moni fashion, I find myself at Gate A-12 with no cell phone because I forgot it in the car. Thus, until 9 am, January 2nd, 2014 I will be without a cell phone. This seriously sucks!  Not as much as the fact that the nearest bar to my gate is about 100 miles away! I know, you know, I know, that you know I’m exaggerating but let me be!

This morning turned out to be one of those mornings where all I could say to myself was “That’s right 2013 you made me your bitch this year, but I will come out on top in 2014!” I woke up this morning with a migraine; I would like to think that it will be last one for a very long time, and an extremely sore throat. I stayed home sick, my headache went away not much luck with the sore throat. I did drink Emergen-C like cocktailcrazy, but didn’t help much. Hoping the vodka I will consume tonight helps!

If it wasn’t for the “Originals” and their ridiculously hot vampires this day would’ve just gone to shit. But something about sexy vampires just makes all the pains go away. Oh lord, especially that Elijah guy, who knew Canada could breed hotties like that.

I don't know which one I like best, can I take them all for a test drive?
I don’t know which one I like best, can I take them all for a test drive?

IDBefore I forget, please remind me to get a new ID. Again, I got the dreaded “you look better in person” comment. That picture has haunted me for years now, I seriously need to get a new one. Although, it is flattering to get told I look good, it’s also a  bit embarrassing.

Seriously, why is the bar so far?

Okay, so since I’m going to post this before I’m in a drunken stupor, I feel the need to share what my goals for the new year will  be. No silly, resolutions that I cannot keep. This year it’s all about my happiness, I will stress more about what makes me happy and not what just worries or stress’s me just for the heck of it. If that makes any sense.

  1. I will strive to meditate more, at least once a day.meditation
  2. I will study French at least once a week. I seriously need to use that Rosetta Stone I purchased earlier this year. The box is starting to look a bit sad. Especially if I’m planning on traveling, keep reading to find out where.
  3. I will try to rest more. Not necessarily sleep, but just rest, do nothing. I need more days of nothing, even if I don’t bathe for a day. Nothing = relaxation.
  4. I will date more…okay, I will date.
  5. Love2I will stop getting involved with emotionally unavailable men. I already started with this. I told my BC that we should stop ‘playing’, he’s ‘unavailable’.  Remember, I’ve  claimed to be a good girl, that my dear was your assumption. It’s not the ideal situation, I’m not fond of what I’m doing or to be honest even of the guy. He’s an elitist and I’m well far from one.  I already told him we couldn’t continue, he didn’t agree to it, but I don’t care. I want to start with some good karma, I’m serious about finding someone I want to build something real with and I have to let go of all the bullshit in my life; unfortunately, for him he falls under that category.

Now I really do hope I haven’t lost some of you, with this piece of raw truth. I said I was going to be honest with you and this is part of that honesty. I never said it was going to be pretty, if you think about it the truth never is, it’s just raw.

For those of you that are still with me, thank you. Like I said I’m ending it, our arrangement was not one that took place as often as you would think. If we saw each other six times this year, I may be over estimating. Like I said earlier, I’m not really proud or happy of this arrangement, but in my moments of weakness he was my go to guy. So as my friend Theresa always tells me:

Keep it in your pants and think with your other head!

I will do just that, which means I might turn into a virgin again, just kidding. I was celibate for four years when I decided to go back to school, this will be just that. I can do it, I will have to run like Forrest and have other methods to let out steam, but I got this!

Now let’s get it straight I am not holding out until I find the man I’m going to marry, we don’t even know if I might ever get married, so I’m not even going to go there. I’m holding out until someone single and emotionally available steps into my life. Now it would be great if that person would be “the one” but you just never know what the Universe has planned for me. But I will be keeping it in my pants!

6.scale I will work on getting healthier, but I will not let the scale control me. I’ve already gained 1000 lbs. this holiday season, and I hate the way it makes me feel. I need to stop giving the scale so much control of my life. I’m f’n hot, smart and have you seen these curves?


7. I will experience the arts more. I love the theater, the symphony, and art. I will allow myself to experience these more. These things artsgive my soul pleasure, why not please it every now and again? Shit, since I’m going to start keeping it in my pants this might be the only pleasure I get. So bring it on Strauss, Beethoven, and Bach, I’m all yours!

8. I will spend wisely. This is much easier than saying I will save. Let’s face it every year we say we are going to do this and we don’t. Since, I don’t have a sugar daddy and I like to splurge every now-and-again I’m going to cut myself some slack on this one. I will go about things wisely, there’s a few things I want that I could really go without. Plus, I’m planning on traveling next year, so my money needs to go to that first.

9. Traveling. As I mentioned in #8, I’m planning on traveling come the new year. Some of the trips that are on the horizon are El Salvador and Guatemala and Europe. My friend is going to do a semester abroad and I will be going to meet her in London and we will travel for three weeks. Since, I promised myself I would first classtravel first class if I ever went to Europe, I have to save for that. It’s a worthy sacrifice; moreover, I will be able to have my Bridget Jones Christmas. I will be traveling around Christmas time, I have yet to let my family know of this (so I might get some shit after this post from them), but I would rather let them know until everything is finalized and 100% certain.

Another trip I’m thinking about is to the East Coast. My nephew is graduating high school, so I might just go for that while making a few stops on Broadway. There’s also my trip to Wine country and I’ve been dying to make the road trip to the temple of 1000 Buddha’s. These are less expensive and with the help of Groupon or Living Social I’m sure I can make this happen.

10. I will get more mani’s and pedi’s. I will also do my brows more often, as in professionally.

11. I will cook more…new recipes.

12. I will stop beating myself up when things don’t go as planned. Some things are beat yourselfmeant to happen while others aren’t.

13. I will learn to say “no.” Especially when my schedule is already tight.

14. I will paint my apartment, I’m seriously not a white wall person.

15. I will send out birthday cards, not just buy them.

16. I will continue to juice; until, I get tired of it.

17. I will read more. I’m in the middle of three books right now. I have three more I’m dying to start, but I have to finish at least one of the ones I’ve already started.

18. I will not be lazy with my hair. I spent over $100 on it, so I have to rock it!

19. I will stop complaining…as much as I do. I’m blessed in more ways than one and I must remind myself of that.

20. At the end of the day or of 2014 I will not get all bent out of shape if fail to accomplish any of these. Whatever happened in 2014 needed to happen. I just hope it involves a lot of love, happiness, sex, wine, and good friends.

As I get ready to land, I toast to you 2013 for teaching me how f’n tough I am. What friends I can really trust and how much family means to me. You taught me I still have tons to learn as I am still capable of making the wrong decisions, you taught me to self love first, then everyone else second.

2013 you were a bit of a dick, but I appreciate it. Not really, but I have nothing else to say other than I’m still here. Stronger because of the hell you put me through. I hope that 2014 didn’t take notes from you, because I need some TLC, and I have a feeling that this will be the year that will do just that.

So farewell 2013, thank you for the lessons and the insight. Hello 2014 and thank you in advance for the goodness and hope you are bringing with you!

Happy New Year loves! 


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